What gauge material is this?

Hi Core!

Long time lurker and first time poster. Although I realise it is probably poor form to ask for help on the very first post… I wonder if anyone would be able to shed some light on what might be perceived as a rather silly question (at least I think it is!).

I have experience in packaging and I am trying to source an off the shelf outer box pack for a product I am planning to launch (which mind you is someway off). What I am trying to source is essentially an Iphone\ Nest type box stock. However trying to source stock boxes in this gauge material and something that is as large as a nest box is stumping me. I can find plenty of iphone sized and ring sized boxes but non the size of the nest pack.

I cannot for the life of me find on Google a retailer or wholesaler that actually sells that type of box that large. Before I start phoning wholesalers and try and describe through gestures what outer box I am after can anyone shed some light as to what am I doing wrong? Is there a special terminology I am not aware of? I cant imagine that these larger scale boxes are built bespoke to size… it is after all a simple die line.

Many thanks in advance to anyone that is able to answer this question.

Searching for laminated cardboard (or corrugate) packaging may yield the results you’re seeking. It seems to be what is used in higher end packaging for luxury goods. I’ve also seen this used for higher end hardcover book sleeves.

You could check alibaba.com with similar search terms if you’re looking for vendors.