what furniture books do you all recommend?

hi, im new to this board and im currently taking Product Design at Coventry University in the UK and i want to specialise in FurnitureDesign in my final yr.
i was just wondering if you could recommend me some good literature, old and new that will help increase my knowledge and understanding of FurnitureDesign?
books on influential designers, movements, and pieces would be a good start.
many thanks.

1000 Chairs.

any biographies you can find on Charles and Ray Eames

i just got a fabulous book called ‘dish’ that profiles a group of contemporary female product designers, and most of the pieces shown are furniture. it’s an incredibly inspiring book chock full of cutting-edge, beautiful work.


Is this the book you’re talking about? I’m always looking for books showing the work of women designers.

Dish: International Design For The Home (Hardcover)
by Julie Muller Stahl