What finishing process is this?

Hi guys. Was looking through Lapka’s website after reading about the the Air bnb buyout. I really like this “splatter” look of this product which reminds me of the finishes found on enamel camping mugs. Does anyone know what process is being used here? Thanks in advance!

Interesting, without having one to take an xacto too it’s hard to say. My initial thought is it’s just a spatter painting process, unless they are doing some type of 2 color injection molding (which is possible but usually has a very melty/streaky appearance). Perhaps if they co-inject two different materials with different pellet sizes they could get something like that.

My guess is some kind of composite. Mixing 80% PP or ABS with somekind of filler material ,eg wood fibres could give some similar results. Like the Broom Chair by Starck

It looks like flakes of a material with higher melting point and cohesion value than the base plastic would be injected together.
Alternatively small beads could be splattered onto the mold surface, or it could be In-Mold-Labeling but those methods would be more labor-intensive. Also looking at different Bose Freestyle earbuds which have the same effect applied to them, they appear to all be different so I think it’s a simple mixing of different plastic flakes into the IM machine. It’s a cool effect so if anyone knows a manufacturer that does this, that would be great!