What employer usually see from our work sample

Need suggestion from you guys for preparing good portofolio. I heard some ppl says," technology often hide the fact that actually we can’t design that well, which make some ppl ignore the appearence and see whats behind it"

So which one i should put at 1st priority, the appearence or the work sample , or the concept of the design it self. I know both are important, and the ideal is put them together, but what i need to find out is view “from their angle”, anyway something must be put above everything, no,…?

Thanks in advance

You might show some process sketching along with the final image presentation. Also, don’t forget to include a verbal description. Make it brief. This is a place where someone who is interested in how you think (and verbalize) may actually take the time to read your posted verbal information.

Regarding of that can you please chk on:

what should i add from current sample and what should i get rid off of them. I mean i already did some rendering, should i change the whole samples or maybe just need to add small things. Thanks,…:slight_smile:

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