What else in the world is there outside of Core77

FIrst off, this is not a knock on Core, I have been reading Core since 97-98 BEFORE we had a computer in the house when I had to go to the local iibrary to read up on core, BEFORE i was even thinking of going to design school.

I cant find any other place that scratches that itch the same way Core does. Designboom is good, but it feels incredibly klunky (with nav) and I’ve already seen a lot of what is presented. Mocoloco is well…I dunno, not ahead of the curve as I would like it to be. TreeHugger is too…feel good. What else is out there?

(keep in mind that love hackaday and engadget and a bunch of tastless humour blogs, streetboners, etc)

Yanko Design?

Yanko is way too concept-based, portfolio-based, student-work-based, fancy-rendering-based, not-real-design-based, or not real design news based.

I do love it for all of those reasons though. Enjoy the multitude of concepts and ideas, but I prefer a balance that C77 seems to hit.

The only other option that I know of is productdesignforums. More overseas students over there but there’s still a lot of good information in the 2-d and 3-d sections, especially if you’re into digital sketching and solidworks.

let’s see… two blogs I have in my google reader are Dezeen and David Report. I like those a lot.

In terms of forums… mh, true. not much out there.

core77…the amazon of design…C to 7 and your done?

Depending on what mood I’m in, Designboom, seeming & eurocentric, has some good interviews and interesting whatnots. I always wondered if their design-aerobics were any good, so if you try one let us know.

for inspiration:


I get some good inspiration from NOTCOT and there are also some good articles up on metacool

For pkg design there is TheDieline.com

I love thedieline.com!

btw, I can really recommend google reader to keep the blogs organized.