What does your schools 3D curriculum include?

In my program, both the trans and product students must take 1 semester of Rhino and 3 semesters of Alias.

This seems like a problem in the curriculum because it seems like the only ones who will ever use Alias outside of school is anyone going to a big auto manufacturer.

Of all the trans and product places I’ve been or anyone I’ve spoken to, a lot of places don’t run Alias because it is too expensive for the company (20k a copy?), so they run more Rhino, Solidworks and 3DS. Our school is supposedly in the process of adding Solidworks which would actually be beneficial to many of the students who will never use Alias in the working field, but realistically I don’t see it being added before I graduate, so I am planning on taking a Solidworks course at a community college and learning 3DS on my own.

I just think 3 semesters of Alias is pointless since many of us will never use the program for a job, and that its hurting many of the students who want to learn more commonly used programs for trans and product jobs.

Tommy i agree with you on the Alias, currently at DAAP at UC we have to take 4 quarters of what they call Design Technology. There is no set like this much time in one program this much time in anouther, but currently we learn solidworks and Alias. With you many of us agree that Alias isnt going to be much of a help when we’ve been talking to some of the upperclassmen and on their co-ops hardly any companies use it. For our other classes when we do 3d renderings we are allowed to use basically whatever we want to achieve the render we need, this has lead many of us to latch onto solidworks due to how cheap the software is or go out and learn something new. I had about 2 years in high school learning rhino so i’ve been most comfortable with that and we’ve heard a lot more people (including one of my recent adjunct professors) say that more companies use rhino and we should learn it because more companies use it.

But back to the fact i agree with you that 3 semesters of alias is a bit crazy, so my suggestion talk to your profs and see if they will let you do the work in other programs as long as you end with the same results.

btw Solidworks not really that hard of a program if you just want to pick it up yourself, i did a little bit of autodesk inventor in high school and it transfered over almost flawlessly. just find yourself a good tutorial site or book and pick it up from there (save yourself a little money)