What does "Thank you" mean?

Just thought I would through this out to the core board. I am brainstorming around imagery for the words “Thank you”. What do you think of when you hear the words Thank you?

Smile and a handshake

…and (coincidently) I was just listening to “Thank You” by Led Zeppelin on Zeppelin II

nice keep them coming.

… A waiter refilling my water.

ahh “thank you” from a pissed off spouce its the same as “we WILL TALK” from a stranger its sound filling dead air, from a child it can be full of light.

simply a thank you

don’t read too much into it
it makes people negative…

I am trying to get words describe Thank you to actuate to imagery. The list I have so far is:

Full of life
Much obliged
“you shouldn’t have”

for more of the same, why dont you check out some online greeting cards. sure you will find the usual cheesy images of flowers, handshakes, etc. …or are you looking for something different?


I have those. Just thought it would be cool to open it up to the forum to get a more creative veiw on what thank you means.

generaly it just is a automatic responce from mannerd people OR a truly ground shaking event from most unclutured punks…(generaly utterd to a cop for not busting them for pot/booze).

generaly utterd to a cop for not busting them for pot/booze

Ha! Thats a great Thank You!

A job well done. Also if i am saying it then it means the check has cleared.

“thank you”…it makes me think of other cultures and the different physical gestures.

makes me think of this bag - usually from the local teriyaki spot.

sometimes its from relief