What does my website say to you...

…about me?


Knock yourselves out with the critique. :slight_smile:

Took me through to your about section to figure out that you are a company providing a service, and not a person looking for work. Or do I have that wrong? It seems like that is something you’d want to have clarified.

Other than that confusing element of the site, its a pretty clear showcase of your diverse abilities. Although, I might like to see more depending on if you are using this site to get clients, or if you are using it to gain employment. It all comes back to not knowing exactly what you are intending with the site, are you company or a person? We need to know that.

nice, clean, easy to use website. good organization and personal branding.

the content also looks very good, but would certainly like to see more process. esp. because the results are so good, i think it is even more important to back up your finals with the creative thought and steps that got you there.

overall, very good. just adding more process (sketches, models, etc.) would make it a very good candidate for a callback at the very least.


It’s a very professional looking website with some nice work on. Really good navigation and layout.

I would agree though that it would be great to see some more of your process and thought.

Thumbs up!

Thank you for your feedback!

It shows that I’m undecided, doesn’t it? :wink: I updated the wording on the About page a bit, to reflect that I’m currently a freelance designer. In Sweden, you have to have a company registered to you, because otherwise people are very reluctant to hire your services. Perhaps that’s not the case abroad, but I’m unsure how to explain that on the site, without using too many words.

Just to be sure, you did notice that you can click on all of the pictures and get popups, right? I know that I really don’t show that many sketches though, nor explain the reasoning behind them (though most projects on that site actually have 20-50 page workbooks they can lean on, so it’s not that I don’t have the material for it).

I might actually do as I did with the Sun Cruiser then, and create a multi page galleries with development stages, but I think I need to improve the usability of my design with some sort of indicator that it’s actually there…

Actually I didn’t notice that you could click through. I guess that is partly me not looking hard enough but it would be great to have more of an indication that there is more behind the image. Having clicked through now I still think that you could show more - with 20-50 pages for each project it would be great to see some of that thought process, even if it is just on one or two projects (as you suggested with the Sun Cruiser).

Looks like you know what you need to do anyway though. And I still think it is a great site…

I see now, chalk that up to my Western ignorance :wink:

I also missed that you can click through the pop-ups. Maybe there is a subtle way to signify that you have more to see under each image. A small icon perhaps? Or a flash effect that changes the image or something? I know that perspective employers don’t take too much time on some of these things, so the easier it is to navigate the better (while keeping you current aesthetic of course.)