What does it take?

cg’s post in the general forum about industrial designers making the best interaction designers made me wonder. What does it take for a good IDer to make the jump?

I think u have to ask yourself what makes a good ider-and then take those qualities / characteristics and look at yourself and see if you could make that jump.

i think some type of work in communications would help- alot of interaction design and wayfinding deals with science and phsycology. I am very interested in the way tht we interact with each other and with devices and humans and how they interact or communicate, its area of design that not many think about -atleast at my school-


hi there , me new to this interaction thingy .
but would anyone be kind enough to let me know a bit more about his field. am into movie making and sets right now …still a student.


I made the jump because more and more of the products I was working on had some sort of interface, and that’s what I tended to focus on improving on. In a small consultancy it didn’t take long to become the go-to guy.

I do think that Industrial Designers tend to make the best Interaction Designers because they tend to ignore discipline boundaries and focus on the end-game of making the product experience better for people (making the world a better place et. al.)

I’ve found that those practicing Interaction Design from the traditional routes of academic HCI or Software Engineering tend to be more focused on building the thing itself, or focusing on obscure sub-specialties in order to publish scientific papers.