What Does Everyone Think About Black & Decker?

finally some truth…props to ididiot!

Altitude was responsible for the conceptualization as well as all of the refinement and definition of the job site radio. I’m not sure where the engineering was done, but the design was all Altitude’s.

i heard it was done in new zealand where it was tested by asian wolf hunters. Then, after years of refinement and top secret development, it was returned to the states for its debut. Just what I heard though.

Hey Cow…
The only reason they make the handle girth smaller is so that DeWalt can sell to women. I am sure that the other “true” pro brands did their homework and discovered that the larger handle is preferred outside the Home Depots where actual work is being preformed.

I live in Baltimore and I run into B&D guys all the time. They all seem very happy. Lot’s of marketing and sales guys in my company used to work at B&D - they left because they followed management.

I don’t know if the management was all fired, but I do know that Joe Galli’s team has been lauded endlessly for creating the DeWalt brand as we know it. It’s a poster-child for creating real authority and demand from the trade/customers.

As far as mechanical quality, I still hear my contractor friends say DeWalt is their favorite. I don’t like the yellow and black look personally, but there is lots of room for future creativity when the main brand identity is the color of the product. If you are interested in this category of design, you could do far far worse than interviewing at DeWalt.

Nicely written fella. The current design group at B&D are all inexperienced. Essentially their panties have been laid out for them by previous older designers who no longer work there. I doubt any of them could dress themselves if push came to shove. DeWalt is supposed to be a pro brand and it is much closer to consumer. Just because it’s black and yellow doen’t mean its pro. But, then again people think their suvs are real off-roaders.

so from this i can figure that you can lay out your own panties? and you know how to dress yourself… and you drive around in a “real” off-roader. did the black & decker designers used to make fun of you on the playground? i don’t understand the point of your message…

Actually, the point of the post was to show how B&D/DeWalt are made fun of in the real world. They live closed off from their customers and don’t even know their own tools suck. So , if the playground is behind their sealed company doors, yes they can make fun of whomever they wish. On the other hand, if they were to get outside their comfort zone and do some real fact finding, the company would find that most contractors, pros and the like make fun of them. The world should be their playground not the wierd sandlot they play on. Black and Yelow has become a parody in the pro world. The color scheme has truly become a laugh.

Agreed. I dropped a DeWalt drill once, picked it up, pulled the trigger and nothing. Never happened with my Makita. Makita is bullet proof!

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