what does core 77 stand for

What does core 77 stand for? any body know!

We or I was wondering.

Why not core 78?

core, the source. The source and center of ID on the web.

77 refers to our common bond as designers, the cement between the bricks if you will, inspired by 3M’s 77th batch that came to be known as super77, a design supply that ALL forms of designers (industrial, graphic, interior, etc) are familiar and can identify with.

…foam ‘core’ board and super ‘77’ spray adhesive is what has been reported by previous posts on the subject…i am also informed that it started as an id newsletter at pratt…

I fugured most of that, but none of my colleages considered aggreed!


i heard the founder of pratt was an executive at big US telecom company stationed in the carribean

i thought it was because the word ‘core’ had already been taken as a url…

wa wa wa…

I heard the founders were Aliens…but I guess I was wrong.

That’s nice. That stuff has to be as toxic as agent orange. Toxic not only to people but the enviroment too.

Long live studio tac!