what does a bicycle mean to you?

I am looking for perceptions and expectations of “Bicycle.”
What does it mean to you.
How does the word or the thing, Bicycle, make you feel.
If you ride, why do you ride?
If you don’t ride, what would motivate you to ride again?

I am not looking for product ideas. I am looking for emotive descriptions.


pure freedom, unadulterated speed, pain, fluid motion, acceleration, engineered craftsmanship, detailing, kinetic motion, joy, efficiency, more pain, accomplishment, simplistic technology, innovation, expensive, agressive…

just off the top of my head.

I agree with gear queen’s discriptive words

I ride. Mountain bike, to be specific. For me its a way to get away from everything - stress relief. Its also something I do for fun on the weekends. I crave the adrenaline, the speed, the freedom it offers. But its a hobby and a sport for me, and I don’t ride much during the winter, and I have rarely used it as transportation alone.

For others (thinking of Asia, specifically) bicycling might just be a utilitarian mode of transport and nothing more. I suppose it depends on the culture you are posing the questions too.

When you say Bicycle, I think of the most beautifulest and mesmorizing deck of card ever produced. They fan so beautifully, sighhhh. Maybe that’s just me…

Riding a bike in New York City is like having a time machine – it is the frequently the fastest form of transportation. Even though I arrive somewhere faster, I experience more of the city. I feel more connected and less fogged out when I arrive than if I took a cab or public transportation. I feel like I live in a different city than I did when I didn’t ride a bike.

– Ian

when i ride to commute i arrive mentally refreshed, it gives me a little more time to collect my thoughts for the day ahead.

if i ride for fun, the thrill of the chase through the trees consumes my entire brain. To me there is nothing more refreshing than focusing on a line through the rocks or on sticking that landing. Primal Instinct perhaps?

Why would anyone pay money to drive their car to a gym? viva la bicycle!

I ride 2 miles to work. practical. greasy. old fashioned. fun. just slightly nerdy.

and healthy. iconoclast. childlike. one of the best inventions ever. gangly.

Riding is a great escape. A way to get away from it all, clear my head and get some exercise. I still feel like a kid when I get on my bike.

Who can forget the joy of riding as a kid. It was as if thw orld opened up to me and freedom was granted - at least it was a much easier way to get to a friend’s house or the 7-11.

There is nothing quite like riding down a hill in a fully enclosed recumbent. The closest thing to flight that the landlocked will ever get.


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when i saw my lil brother fall and become unconscience-and we had to take him to the hosptal where he had a small hair line fracture-that was mm away from making him blind in one eye- scarry

I kinda went into a hate bike period after that-plus parents went extremely hard on the helmets after that-and tht sukked

sorry no positive posts-will think of some-


my bike has hurt me many times!

As a student my bike acts as an escape from stress, a way to blow off steam, relax, and have fun for free. It seems whatever mood I leave my apartment in after a good bike ride I come back refreshed, inspired, and ready to do what ever I was escaping in the first place.

What I am trying to say is, i love my bike and riding it. Its a very emotional object to me.


Register your “bike” and pay a road user fee like motorists do and I’ll reconsider my opinion.

Yeah, I know, “I drive a car too and already pay for my use of the road”.

If you own more than one vehicle you already know that each one has to be registered … why not a bicycle?

Per tire patch, you’re using up way more road surface area than a car.

Wanna use the road, then pay for it. Something has to provide for maintenance of Bike Lanes.

… this oughta be good… . … … . … . :smiling_imp:

If you’re gonna troll make sure you’re factually and numerically correct.

But since you’re trying… I’ll bite.

Total cost of ownership is huge for automobiles. One month for car is more than most bikes total lifetime, not including insurance. Even in the low-income-tax USA bike riders help subsidize cars just by paying the IRS. If you only add up the lower rates of obesity, the health care costs for fast-food drive-thru alone make the argument. If you add in the costs of collision related injury it becomes absurd.

Sure, I’ll register, but then I will demand that cars pay the same respect. I will expect cars to give me the right of way when it is mine and not cut me off to execute a right turn at the corner. I will expect that bike paths be snowplowed in winter and enough room be made to prevent being “doored” by a fool in parked car. I will expect more bike parking be made available in front of government offices and laws changed so I can ride my bike along the highway shoulder during rush hour (passing by all the fools in their cars). And I’ll expect the police to protect me from all the road rage generated by the changes in law.

Dude, don’t go there… the car is indefensible compared to all other forms of transportation. Just about all of societies biggest problems can be attributed in part to it. War over oil, health problems related to pollution and inactivity, agricultural land paved for motorways, overmining of natural resource, Exxon Valdez et al., even the recent dearth of good entertainment on Discovery Channel.


and how did your shiney new bicycle get to the shop where you purchased it…? probably not on a bicycle.

what’s cost of ownership got o do with it?

with the exception of Interstate highways (from which bicylces are prohibited) user taxes, paid at the gasoline pump, provide for street and highway maintnance in the US (except in Calfornia where Mr. Schwartzenneger has robbbed the funds to pay for other things).

the only OTHER road hazard that leaps immediately to mind is the driver mentality of most Latina’s.

On the plus side, freedom to go anywhere (almost), speeeeed (especially on smooth downslopes), and that nice wind-in-the-face feeling (and, sometimes, also warm rain or coooold snow, especially in IL). On the negative side, flats (really interupts the joy of riding), a sore bottom, and the shake-your-entire-body experience when a 16-wheeler zooms right along side of ya’. But overall, for me, the +s far out weigh the -s.

Considering my Fisher FS was made in Taiwan and assembled by the dealer, it probably arrived by transport truck, container ship, train and transport truck. No cars involved there, but mass transport of people or things. Granted that total energy usage is high, but the flat packed bicycle has very little mass and internal air space vs. transport of cars by train and truck. Probably entire spring line of dealer shipped in one truck vs. 10 automobiles by truck of double the size

Since Terminator has re-directed the funds, you now see debt… and that’s provided the existing funding in the USA is adequate to maintain the system. If Interstate system is not subsidized by existing gas taxes, where is the money coming from. That infrastructure must be in the budgets somewhere and if not from taxation of drivers, then all other taxpayers as well, including those who choose not to have cars or have other reasons for not driving or owning a vehicle.

If a designer fails to account for total cost of ownership, it becomes impossible to have an accurate handle of the impact of said products on society. Equivalent to choosing asbestos for fire-proof material and passing on the cost of disposal down the line.

Maybe with the demise of Truman, the buck has stopped stopping at all.


When I hear the word Bicycle I feel alive. I´ve riding mountain bikes since I was 6 years old, so you can imagine all the excellent memories I have. It becomes a way of life, a very good one. The feelings that I recall everytime I hear the word bicycle are freedom, passion, pain and happines. I don´t know if you´re an experienced rider, but to learn the meaning of this word you have to live it.

Nacho Piedras from Mexico.