What do you wear to work

Just wondering what everyone wears on a daily basis to work. I have worked at companies that let designers wear jeans and a t-shirt, and others where they want you to dress like your on the sales team. I actually find I am more productive when I’m in more comfy clothing.

For me, I sometimes wear jeans and a shirt/tie because I like the look but that’s about the extent of me dressing up for work.

We can and do wear pretty much whatever we want. I tend to wear something other than jeans, corduroys, most of the time just so that if a client shows up I’m not in a panic. I usually wear a t-shirt with a sweater (it’s cold in the studio). In the summer everyone wears shorts, flip flops, etc. It can get pretty warm in the studio. Then usually our coat rack is filled up with spare dress clothes - for that emergency change if a client shows up. We do like to clean up a bit for the clients.

Very relaxed at the studio where I work. As long as it isn’t offensive, it’s cool.
People should probably leave their overly aggressive Death Metal t-shirts at home.

Shirt, jeans and sneakers seems to be what most people wear over here. Personally, I couldn’t even imagine wearing a suit to work.

Needless to say, the ladies put quite a bit more effort into their daily outfits :wink:

Anything I want. Work from home/studio loft. Have yet to do a xlient Skype call naked, but not out of the question :wink:
(Just kidding. Leather eames chair would be a bit sticky I think).

Jeans, white or grey undershirt, collared dress shirts (untucked of course), leather shoes/boots, cycling socks (they’re the best ever)

We are pretty relaxed. As long as you look presentable you can wear what you want. After all we make candy!! Can’t be too uptight. I usually wear jeans, t-shirt, sweater, button-up shirt and wingtips or cowboy boots. Yes cowboy boots. :slight_smile: Outside of work I wear a green paperboy hat on a daily basis. Always wanted a job I could wear a hat to work.


We are pretty casual. Mostly jeans and tee shirts or untucked button ups with hoodies and sneakers.

I have to meet with a lot of retailers, or with the board, so sometimes I’m a bit more dressed up but I try to keep it still designerly, tailored dark wash or white jeans, or tailored pants with tailored button ups, either chambray or a classic men’s shirting pattern, wing tips with hot pink or teal laces or Chuck Taylors, and bright socks (I don’t want too look like a sales guy! :wink: ) with a hoodie or a cardigan or a vneck sweater.

last company (Housewares and furniture)was kahkis and a polo with jeans and a t-shirt on fridays. new company (telehealth medical products working within a healthcare system) shirt and tie, dress pants and dress shoes. doesnt bother me one bit. I can be as creative in jeans and a tshirt as i can be in a suit.

+1 to Richard’s level of attire most days (our studio is attached to my home). As designers, engineers, import folks & other consultants come and go I try to be presentable (jeans/khakis, some sort of shirt, etc) and for client meetings scheduled here I step it up one notch higher but rarely to the level that was required when I was at Black & Decker (khakis or better, tucked shirt or better, dress shoes). GM was less strict - lots of jeans and untucked button ups.

Richard, I don’t think my office chair would be any more favorable to the naked worker. :open_mouth:

Office, M-Th, business casual.

Office, F, business jeans.

Field, depending, either business casual or suit up.

That’s for corporate America. When consulting, much more casual in the office, not the field. Sometimes in slippers.

“Nice” jeans. In other words, ones that aren’t super faded, no holes or anything like that.
Black tshirt or black button down short sleeve cotton/linen shirt. 99 times out of 100 untucked.
HELM boots. http://helmboots.com/

If I will not be seen by or interact with the customer: jeans, nice shirt, sneakers. Nothing too grungy but nothing you’d be upset about getting dirty if you have to go visit the shop guys/mechanics. T-shirts on Fridays.

If the customer is around: business casual. Today everyone is all suited up because there’s a major design review with the customer and his staff and they don’t want people wandering past the conference room looking too casual.

We are not allowed to wear skirts or open toed shoes or heels for safety/modesty reasons (we have several open grate staircases and use very large and heavy machinery).

On Friday last week I had to rock up to the customer’s office and talk to him in jeans, Chucks, and a t-shirt because an unexpected design emergency came up and I was the only ID person around working that part of the project, ha. Thankfully this customer is pretty chill and didn’t care, but if it was our other customer I’m sure I’d be hearing about it from about 12 different managers.

I can wear whatever I want but the design group and mechanical guys sort of default to smart casual here. Programming and hardware design varies a lot, a lot more slogans on T-shirts, rips on jeans etc. I turned up in a suit once, because I was going to a classical concert after work, scared the hell out of my boss (though later we discussed making it a regular “non-casual” Friday event).

At frog we had dress up Fridays for awhile. It was fun to see everybody cranking in full on suits an ties and cocktail dresses. It was fun to go to lunch as a group like that too :wink:

My first corporate job was shirt and tie m-th and casual Fridays. I had fun bending the rules. Shirt and tie but crazy silver shoes or wacky belt/tie m-th and 3pc suit with bow tie Friday. As a designer I felt it was my responsibility to interpret the rules a bit differently. :wink:


Variation on the question - what do you wear for conferences / speaking engagements / schmoozing events / gallery receptions?

I’ve been doing what i have perceived as the “designer uniform”… Jeans, T-shirt, Blazer, but seeing a lot of folks turning up in jeans/flannels lately. Is grunge back? Am I behind the times? lol

Designer jeans and Polo shirt (got a bunch of them).

Yes. Grunge is back, according to my wife who reads a pile of style magazines every month.

I actually find I am more productive when I’m in more comfy clothing.

I should wear overalls and steel toed boots, because I go to the workshop every other day and it’s a dangerous pigsty. However, I normally wear jeans and a button up or polo. Once a week, I’ll toss on an ASU t-shirt.