What do you want from Santa this year?

(It struck me as curious that no one had brought up the subject yet)

What’s your dream present for the holidays this year? Or what are you planning on giving other people?

As far as material possessions go, I would love a nice hand-made leather wallet to replace the one that was so unfortunately stolen this summer.

“Happy Holidays…is what terrorists say. Merry Christmas, Avery and Jack”

An iPad would be nice, but I also asked for this…


whee-haw! Dye makes awesome shit!

Also, pants on da ground!


Bose iPod dock
LaCie HD
Some performance mods for my Suby!!


One of those bags full of cash with a dollar sign on the outside would be nice, too.

A job in the bay.

And maybe a wallet to replace the one that was stolen this past weekend.

My parts from the CNC workshop…

But glasses and a new jacket would be nice too.

They sure raised the bar on the woodsball-side of town.

I need a new coffee maker and that Buggatti Diva is really calling out to me…

On my quest for a new wallet I decided to buy myself this one from Maxx & Unicorn (except replaced the pistol emblem with my initials). I couldn’t find any woman’s leather wallets I liked without some flower pattern or metallic glitter decal.

All I want for Christmas is a Cintiq 21UX!

Imma looking into something like this: http://www.mightywallets.com/color-bar-mighty-wallet/

A rebuilt Final Drive unit for my old BMW motorpickle … or $630 which ever is easier.

One of my designers has one of these… Very nice.

We did a version of this with some f the creative directors at frog: