What do you use for your white highlights?

Subject says it all…

I’ve tried many different ones.

  • White Prismacolor pencil. Doesn’t always show up very well on white paper, but works great on toned or colored paper.
  • White Uniball Signo pen, which has surprisingly opaque ink. I find myself using this or the Prisma pencil the most. The Signo is great for fine edge highlights. On the downside, it doesn’t flow evenly and as a result can look splotchy.
  • I’ve used Deco Color paint markers but I’ve found them to mix with the other inks on the page. I want to try Molotow and Liquitex.
  • Faber Castell Pitt artist pen, white. Works pretty well but the tip is much broader than I like. These are popular in the ID community.
  • White paint sharpies were horrible.
  • In school we used this white paint (with a tiny brush) that worked well and was super opaque, but I hate using brushes. I can’t remember what it was called.

A combo of:

Photoshop :smiley:

All of the above, but I wanted to add I know a guy who uses whiteout :laughing:

It was just called “ProWhite” and it was okay to use, but honestly we quickly just resorted to white-out and got about the same effect for a lot less money.

We had the same. The paint pens have been a great replacement.

Ah yes! That was it!

Another one I didn’t see on anyone’s list is the Uni Posca. The make multiple thicknesses and the white is nice and opaque: