what do you tihnk of ross lovegrove?

hey guys.
just wondering.

how reputable is ross lovegrove?
is he really one of 'em respectable Industrial Designers or is he all hype like how everyone seems to think of karim rashid?

would love to hear some feedback.

Ross, man, is that you?

Take a look at his portfolio. At times he takes the star path, but for the most part his objects are very developed,relevent, beautiful and considerate to the user and surroundings.
Loom series
Elastomer Camera
Solar bud
Car on a stick
Bamboo bike

I’m not really a fan of most of the WunderKids but time and time again I’ll see a chair or a concept and dig to see who designed it and it will be Lovegrove. I suppose this is a great way to become familiar with a designer, the objects first, and then the person.

I think he is good, his aesthetic is developed yet broad enough to give his projects some flexability. There always seems to be a level of thinking higher than, “here’s a garbage can fo Umbra- Love me”. For the most part his forms are very resolved, not just the first thing you crank out in a 3d program.

I’m a big fan of the go chair. The formwork, the way it’s out together, the materials, it all adds up to a great design. In an age of single surface plastic chairs with dumb metal legs bolted on (you can see a hundred variations of this basic Eams knock off from Karim Rashid, to Stark to Ron Arad) I appreciate how light and airy the Go chair feels yet every part has a thickness to it that communicates strength at the same time.

…and what was he thinking with those dinosaurs at Salone this year, designer rockstar indulgence at its worse!!!

At least he is doing something and being recognized. What about you? You are just like the rest of the designers here. Just regular foot soldier designers. Your name will never be mentioned in a conversation.

Your missing the point. This isn’t about slamming. This is discussing people and objects and how they effect or inspire our social and physical environments.
You would be suprised by just who posts messages here.

Wrong. My name was just mentioned in a conversation between my aunt Polly and my cousin Mike. Famous in my own way I am. Who apart from some designers cares about Ross? Surely not my auntie dear.

Why does every good discussion go to shit? Are people really this sensitive and defensive about design? Dumb question, I’ve worked with overly sensitive, self-righteous designers like many who post here on Core77. Why can’t anyone accept criticism, especially considering this discussion is about a designer who is not participating. The only person who has a reason to get pissed would be Ross Lovegrove.

In short, core77 should have the option of having private forums by invite only selected by a moderator. Core, are you reading this?

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I am the greatest of them all. I design objects to inspire the environment and surroundings. But in the end, it never turns out that way. Not a single person cares about what I do. I am such a loser!! :cry:


Ricardo? Is that you? I do care about your designs.

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To the Guest guy before me, why don’t you put your head in between your legs and kiss it goodbye. We don’t need trolls here. Get lost. Anyways, I have seen Lovegrove’s work. They are very good. No complaints from me.