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I’m currently going into my junior year at the University at Buffalo (SUNY) with an intended B.F.A Communication Design and possibly also an intended B.F.A. Emerging Practices.

After a studying sciences freshman year, I realized mathematics, disections and a 2.0 GPA simply wasn’t my path so I turned to my favourite hobby…fooling around with graphic design. I have since taken on the path to both those B.F.A.s and currently hold a 3.96 GPA.

Grad school searching is going to be coming up in about a year and I’m antsy so I’ve started looking. My wish has always been to study and/or live in Europe as a designer, either graphic or industrial, but I seem to have heard that outside of studying abroad, going to Europe isn’t the best of choices…yet no one has told me why. I also am unsure of how I will stand coming out of a large multiprogrammed university. I’ve thought about transferring to a more design based school, but I love everything to do with UB I’ve found it hard to even attempt.

So my three questions are…

  1. Would be going to Europe to study grad be worth it, and if so, where? I’ve heard a lot about Sweden and UK… (i know this has prob been asked a thousand times). If not, exactly why would it be better to stay in the U.S. and where? I’ve heard a lot about Cincinatti, Cali (academy of art uni, etc.) and RISD (again, i know)

  2. Is it kind of lame that I’ll be applying with the above B.F.A.s from UNIVERSITY AT BUFFALO considering its not highly recognised as a design school? I’ve simply heard from most, that it doesn’t usually matter where you’re coming from but rather what kind of a portfolio you’re showing for it…

Anyway, I thank all who respond. I really do appreciate everything going on here at Core77. An amazing resource center, indeed.

welcome to Core

What do you expect from the Master’s - what will it do for you?

Well for one it’ll supply a titled degree as MFA rather than BFA, that which I’d be proud of. Hopefully it will also supply me with more opportunities to network and expand my connection with other designers. Personally, maybe it would open my mind in more ways or various ways to go about designing, incorporating new techniques and what not into my process.

But more importantly, I feel if by chance, I decided to teach an M.F.A. or equivalent would be more sufficient than a B.F.A. Lastly, frankly, I love learning. I thoroughly enjoy constantly learning more about design, so I would ENJOY going into a grad program I think…I hope I answered your question correctly? :slight_smile:

there’s no wrong answer, just helps to clarify.
(what are emerging practices by the way?)

You should search the threads for gaining admissions abroad, I believe it’s pretty tough to do.
Also, consider working for a few years to gain some experience (and cash) it sometimes helps convince admissions boards your serious.

Yea, I’m in the same boat. I go to UT Austin and am entering my final year in a month or so and have started worrying about grad schools. Our BFA in Design leans heavily on the graphic design side but I want to get an MFA in Industrial Design and don’t think that I have enough ID related things to fill my portfolio with.

I studied abroad in Milan this summer for a month and visited a few grad schools over there. You should check out Scuola Politecnica di Design, Domus Academy and Politecnico di Milano. They all seemed to have great grad programs.

Good luck with your search.

Emerging Practices has mostly to do with motion graphics. Comparable to like CGI or like After Effects design based things. It’s a newer program at the school I believe.

Thanks, I’ll have to take a look at them… I’ve been searching heavily for northern areas such as Sweden and what not because I’ve been told they are best but, that is not to say I’m limiting my search.