what do you think

I have my new website up and running. let me know what you think.



That font is AWFUL! I cannot read any of the text - change it before people stop visiting your site.

I think your work is ok but you need to stop labouring your sketches, some of them look like you went through the paper you added so many marks! Keep it light, a few strokes of the pen will suffice, that’s the difference between sketching and drawing.

Also, with your layouts be a bit more creative - they’re all a bit rigid. Try new typefaces/colours/backgorunds to help differentiate and bring out the best points of each design.

Hope this helps,


I would review the cv, i think that the work experience in the deli and driver are not that relevant, whereas the rowing experience gives you credibility as a sports equipment designer (because you understand the needs).
In terms of work I think it is nice, although I agree with what has been said.
Congratulation somehow on a very clear portfolio in terms of presentation structure, just long enough, and stating the ideas very clearly.