What do you think of... www.dasding.be

Hello fellow designers,

My name is Davy Grosemans and I am a Belgian designer. I just upgraded my website with some new and older projects: www.dasding.be

Any comments are welcome!!!


I’m hard pressed to make any criticism.

I really enjoyed reading the little blurbs about each product.

I really liked Stanley Works and the your approach to lighting objects.


Nice clean stuff,

The museum chair also appears on this site:

whicj one of you did it, or did you collaborate?

the blurb for this chair, along with the Delft “toys” were done in association with our man Davy here

got it, cool stuff man. I like a lot of it.

Hi guys,

Thanks many times for the compliments!
As you mentioned it, Guido Ooms and I worked together on the Chair project and also on the Dutch Souvenirs project (see Dutch Delight & Hollow Land).
Most projects we do on our own, but sometimes we collaborate.

Why doesn’t this happen more often among designers by the way? Is it an ego-thing?

Hey Mr.Grosemans,

That site of yours is awesome, i really appreciated the structure, its simple and it works for a change!
some real clever designs too.
keep it up!

Say hi to ‘freiten met dikke sause’


Thanks for the compliments!

Many thanks goes to Mr. Guido Ooms, who built the website. And I have to say hello to who???

Nice stuff. Clean lay-out of website make the products stand out pretty well.
One comment though: I couldn’t find a date back on any product.?

Keep it up!