What do you think of the academy of art program? urgent

Hi everyone. I have to choose between the academy of art u in san fran, or art center college. I want a great education, and I know ART CENTER can do that, but it is WAY more expensive than the academy of art. I wanted to hear from you guys about your opinions on both, but especially the academy? I am in the Industrial design program. This would be for the graf program, as i have finished my undergrad at a state U. Thanks, i need to make my deecision soon.

Art Center, hands down! no doubt!
but good program don’t get your skills any higher, ever with a master degree.

don’t go to academy of art.

dont go to academy of art? that’s it?

hey horseshoe is it because you’re accd? if so that would be so childish :slight_smile:
I’m sorry I just don’t know your reason.

I teach at the Academy and work with Art Center folks all the time. For what it’s worth, here’s my take:

Both programs will give you a couple more years to hone your form development and presentation skills. You will build a nice portfolio in both places.

If you have a previous degree in industrial design, at the graduate level, instructors are going to provide structure more than actual insight. There are inherent limits to what can be taught in school. Remember that, as industrial designers, the objective of our deliverables is specify the end user experience of one off cash-intensive mass production processes that typically happen on other continents.

Art Center is better funded and has a large international network of distinguished professionals who maintain relationships with the school. Academy’s network is growing rapidly, but is weaker and more regional. Network are very valuable, especially if you think you are headed into the corporate design world.

On the flip side, Tom Matano, the director at the Academy, has put the program on an excellent trajectory. It’s filled with nice people, has a great feel to it and above all, it’s in San Francisco.

If you are looking to permanently relocate in one of these places, San Francisco has its upsides and its downsides: it’s beautiful, but it’s really a small town. It is expensive and there is a lot less work than there are designers. As a result, it is very difficult to land that all important first job. LA on the other hand is hot and icky, but there is a lot more industry. As a result, there is a lot more opportunity.

In speaking with and working with graduates from both programs (even years after school), there is a typical lack of understanding of the corporate counterparts that we designers most bedevil: product engineering, finance, market research and supply. As a design manager, this scares the pants off of me. If you want to get your designs produced, I strongly recommend learning a bit about each over the next couple years.

So, if you are just looking for some structure to finish out your first portfolio, either will be fine. If you are looking for professional contacts, Art Center is a better place. If you are looking for a place to start your career, I would recomend Art Center. If you are looking to chill out in a great town for a couple years and get a degree, San Francisco is much nicer than Pasadena.

I agree with iggy. SF is a phenomenal place…much cooler (socially and literally) than pasadena. But, if you’re going to spend thousands of dollars to pursue this career you have to do it right. Art Center gives you the opportunity to do it right. The fact that there isn’t much to do in Pasadena is a good thing. SF is too fun of a place to be AND be going to design school. All the bars, hiking surfing, bike riding, pretty people, shopping, skiing, great bars, book stores, street fairs, did I mention good bars? :slight_smile: etc etc are a little distracting.

Something to seriously look into with regards to academy of Art, SF, is its accredation. They continue to have issues with the various college accrediting boards. I am from the area and have taken classes at Calif. Coll. of Arts and Crafts, San Francisco Art Institute, and have a BFA from one of the CSU’s. If you plan on going on to Grad work, accredation is VERY important. Also, the school’s reputation has wavered wildly, in the job word. It has been well known for having lots of flash, not much substance, and a big billboard/advert budget. Also, it’s buildings are all over SF. If you don’t like schlepping a lot, be forewarned.
Good luck.