What do you think of the 2014 Serpentine Pavilion in London?

Last week I was in London for the Design Festival and I also visited the Serpentine Gallery Summer pavilion by Smiljan Radic, which is there until mid-October. I confess I had no much expectations on it, after having seen the renderings; but I have actually found it much more interesting than I supposed. The exterior maybe not exceptional but the inner space is truly engaging. I have also taken some photos, you can see them here: London | 2014 Serpentine Galleries Summer Pavilion by Smiljan Radic | Inexhibit

I know that, if an image is worth a 1000 words, actually visiting a building is worth a 1000 images; nevertheless I would be happy to know your opinion too.

Looks awful from the outside. Cool interior though. Love the use of fiberglass. I’ve wondered why someone hasn’t developed a fiberglass modular walls for house construction. I love the translucent effect found here though.

I like the idea of though of a relatively cheap but interesting architectural installation. I’d like to see that in my neighborhood.

Dear Ray,

I essentially agree with you. The adoption of fiberglass has its pro and cons: it’ s a cheap and effective material for making complex organic shapes ( I once used it for making a waterproofing roof layer on a small building in London, but then I added a true roof cladding made in stainless steel, because otherwise it would not have been accepted by the planning commission) furthermore its translucency gives the interior of the Radic’s pavilion truly a warm and pleasant atmosphere. On the other hand its appearance from the outside and the tactile sensation is very plasticky and don’t match the quality of the inside.
It should be said that one of the constraint the client usually add to the Serpentine pavilion design is that it must be of a rather cheap construction and that there is no much time to actually build up all the stuff (few weeks I guess); for those reasons I found the design by Radic actually much more interesting than others do. And all the people I saw there seemed to truly appreciate it.