What do you think of my Portfolio?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been a long time lurker, and have seen the absolutely incredible feedback that you guys give on the projects and portfolio’s section of the forum unparalleled from anywhere else I have seen , and I would really appreciate any feedback you guys have! I’m a second year student currently studying Product design at Loughborough University in the UK and would really love to know what you think of my work, what it is missing and how I can improve it!

Here is a link to my website http://www.abidurchowdhury.com/ and I look forward to your reply! Thanks!

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First and foremost thank you for taking the time to have a detailed look at my portfolio, I really appreciate that you went into such depth with your response! I’ve just recently turned 20 and am still learning so I have lots of room to change and I want to take on board all of your points!

I’ve always thought that it was something I used to standout from everyone else who plays it very safe, however I totally understand that this is probably a risk I shouldn’t take, I have been thinking about taking the time to rebrand the portfolio, but first I really want to make sure the work is up to scratch.

Started re-working on this and hopefully should have something better within the next day or two.

Thank you, I’m glad you liked the visuals.

Something I’m definitely trying to work on, I’ve felt that there are almost always shortcomings in my ideas because I try to be too extravagant and miss details that cause the idea to just fall apart a bit, something I’m working on and hopefully will get better at as time goes by.

For the electronic travel guide the lecturer of the module heavily encouraged us not to think of internals, construction but I understand that while It was fine to ignore it for the class I should have talked about it in depth within my portfolio, something I will work on. Do you think a more in depth storyboard would be best to fully describe it’s use and why it is better than having an Iphone? or something more diagram and text based?

I think with the toaster I was far too obsessed with being different, is having to get a plate necessarily a bad thing? With the toaster, the user could in fact use it just like a normal toaster and take the toast out without swivelling it while still being able to see how the toast is doing through the viewing window, I just wanted to incorporate something new and interesting to remove the mundane nature of making toast for anyone who wanted to. I feel like for this one I should try and explain it a bit better.

The competition that I entered here had the underlying aspect of sustainability, so that’s why I wanted to incorporate the vastly decreased water usage, but I understand that there may possibility be difficulty in using the product when there is not very much water coming out of it.

With the hairdryer, it was a first year project that should probably be on the way out of my portfolio. Changing rooms in more expensive/upscale gyms to tend to be very “modern”, but I understand that this might still be out of place there and may need more obvious usability for users, and signifiers showing them how to use the product.

This again was a styling project in my first semester of first year of university, something I should probably cut just because it’s a dull project. No cad here because I didn’t want the end result of every single one of my projects being a CAD render.

I guess the writing may be over sensationalised and I should tone it down a bit, will try and sound like less of an ass when wording what the projects are and what they do.

I definitely am very young (just turned 20) and know that I have plenty to learn. I’ll try and remove any text that makes me sound arrogant I’m just here to learn and become a better designer! I understand that I am almost completely clueless, I’ve never had a design job, and have no real idea what the industry is like, so I’m just trying to learn as much as possible from everywhere I can, but I really appreciate your opinion it has really brought attention to plenty of things I had not thought about before and I know what I should work on more!

Thanks! It’s my favourite part of the process!

Thank you for taking the time to look at it and will use your advice and apply it to the current and the new projects to come, loved the detailed advice! Thanks! (Tried to address each point you made with quotes but it wouldn’t let me post it without it being viewed by a moderator)

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I’ve tried to become more concise and have embraced brevity, thanks for the advice!