What do you think of my Industrial Design portfolio?

Please give me constructive feedback on improvements I can make. I am also thinking of including another project which shows some sketching and model making.

I have white boxed personal information.

Please take a look:


Thanks, Tom

Hey Tom,

The folio loads crazy slow for me… if it doesn’t pop up on my screen within seconds, I am tired of waiting and won’t look at it.
Have you considered Behance? It might be a more efficient way of showing your work.

I was also wondering, why the white boxing? What is your reason for that? You do have your full name on you folio…

ah, now it loaded completely and I see you do have a Behance!
My advice would be transparency and send your Behance link as well. I mean, we got your name so you are easy to find…


I was trying to hide personal information as I didn’t know what would be best as I haven’t uploaded my portfolio for anyone before and didn’t know if I should disclose my university, grades etc. But you are right, you could easily find me on Behance.

I don’t have much work at all on behance so there is no point me really linking it here. All I can show you to critique is my PDF portfolio. I’d be interested to hear what you think, despite loading times :slight_smile:


Yeah, there is really no reason for you to hide that information.
Actually seeing where you go to school and your experience might be helpful to understand more about your background and the education you are getting.

Your portfolio strikes me as very engineering focused. Is that where you want to go?
Not everyone needs to have flashy lensflare renders and sneaker sketches. If you want to position yourself less in lifestyle and more in engineering heavy industries, your portfolio might be on the right track.
But that also means I am the wrong guy to critique it.

I also noticed you don’t have Rhino or SW listed in your skill section. I’d say at least one of those two will be essential in a design driven environment. Maybe especially Rhino might help you out of your very blocky design language that you are in now and explore some more interesting forms with its loose surfacing capabilities.

What type of Industrial designer do you want to be? Where would you like to work?

Some nice work there. I’d agree bepster, you’re gonna need to know Rhino & SolidWorks / Inventor as these are the most used bits of kit for product designers. I’m interested in what your youtube video portfolio includes.