what do you think of Arizona State University's ID program?

I am a student at ASU, and just want to know how people from the outside view the design program at ASU, should I stay or look elsewhere to obtain my degree?

its a fine school, probably top 10,
but if it’s not working for you - by all means leave for someplace better.

I graduated in 05!! There are far better schools than ASU but the location is great the instate tuition is such a good deal. They help you learn a design process but don’t teach you how to make it look good. I think the professors are not critical enough of the student’s work. So for this reason you will only get out what you put in. You will have to teach yourself how to draw, push yourself to be better and learn new skills. There a plenty of great resources outside the classroom, Core is a great place to start. Be determined to find a great internship, that is where you’ll learn the most. The school wont help you… so put together a great teaser and start looking early!! As long as you are really determined to improve your skills you will be fine no matter where you study, Good Luck!!