What do you think about this career move?

Hi Guys,

As some may know, I graduated in 2004 with a degree in Product Design, and got screwed into taking a job as a 2D draughtsman. Since then I’ve been working on my skills, portfolio etc. and have just been offered a job as a CAD Designer Draughtsman at a company that make architectural metalwork. I’d be getting out to site, meeting architects etc. managing my own projects, producing 3D CAD drawings on Inventor (which seems to be used quite a bit locally (UK)), and also working within a team. I can’t do any of this at my current job where I just copy what a bloke draws in pencil. I think this would help move me toward becoming a Product/Industrial Designer with the extra experience I’d get, plus its a £7K a year pay increase and no working weekends!!

Sorry about the long post, but even though I’ve made my mind up I’d be grateful to hear any opinions, what do you guys think??

…seems like a no brainer to me, stewie…the new skill sets and experiences should serve you well going forward.