What do you think about IDEO and Design Continuum??

Those are quite big Design Firm… aren’t they? Basically those are my wish firms… Please… give me any of information. thanx!!

what a stupid and vague question.

They both demand the best…look on the portfolio section of coroflot…if you are not the top 15%, don’t expect a call from them.

scratch that…I’ve seen the top 15%, that’s good enough to get a call but try the top 5% are likely to land a job.

what characteristics get you into the top 5%?

why are they your wish firms?

They will both accept your work but are TOO ARROGANT to respond with any feedback or response at all. Dont wayste your time unless you have some sort of connection. I am a talented designer with 10 yrs of corperate and private consultancy exp. and they were both rude enough to not take any time to respond to work submitted.

and just how, pray tell, does one determine if one is in the the top 5%?

wow. this thread is a waste of time…

Well, considering the fact that they may receive tons of portfolio, answering with a feedback on your portfolio would take a way too much time for tyhe designers, and i think they are already busy enough…


this is like a bunch of geeks and losers sitting at the table in the corner of the cafeteria all talking about how slutty or bitchy certain chicks are for not giving you all the time of day.

(then later IF one happens to even lookin your direction, you’ll do a full 180)

all these people sounda bit jaded when they talk about these two firms… maybe non of these guys got calls back??

i’m currently interning at NIKE and before this i was a DC. it was the best internship of my life… very fun… great ppl… awesome atmosphere… learned a ton about what the difference is between a good designer and a GREAT one!

i do agree its hard to get in there… but its no reason to hate on those firms.

what alot of the people that posted didnt mention is that these firms are huge on IDEAS!

you need to be able to sketch… but sketch good ideas… no wait great ideas… things that make you say… damn why didnt i think of that are what keep these places in business… thats what you need to give them in your portfolio… well illustrated GREAT IDEAS.

good luck

I do a agree that both firms have talented people and they seem to push the idea on a big scale. I do also know that they tend to water down certain projects that are bread and butter ( though high budget clients) by putting only junior designers on them, yet still billing out at top dollar. They shouldn’t be selective on where they want to kick ass. that brings them down in my eyes.

you have to have reasonable expectations.
lots of firms only have 10 people on staff.
think about all the people who would like to work at Apple as an example.
there’s only about 8-12 designers at apple at any given time.
most of these firms don’t have huge numbers.
IDEO maybe has 15-25 in SF.
IDEO Palo Alto 100-175 is my guess total staff.