What do you think about colani's work?

I am just curious bout this designer, and just wanted to know
how do you think about Colani’s design?

I believe every piece of his work has a story and coocept behind,
but i just cant accept them…

Can anyone tell me more bout him and his works?

isn’t is Professor Colani?

You know when I think of Extravagant Italian design that really fits into a post Miami Vice Cocaine dealers house or as part of an experience inspired by a cross between the Neverending Story and Yanni; I think of Prof. Colani.

But my favorite work of his is his rotor house:

A one room house with a rotating room inside. so if you want to sleep, you hit a button and the bed spins from the wall. You needto use toilet, you hit a button and it spins from the wall. You need to eat, you hit a button and the kitchen and appliances spin from the wall. Brilliant yet one must inquire: why?

I think I"m attracted to a lot of his work simply because its absurd yet lucid and surreal yet useful. Its so full of contradictions my head is on the verge of exploding just looking at most of it.

…which is funny, because he is German :laughing:

He does his own thing, and does it well.

He is an architect? i was also impressed by his Rotor House too, thanks guest.

But i have seen some of his automotive design works, they are like big pieces of art than designs that are going to send for production…

By the way, colani is a german??? i thought he is an Italian too…

actually Swiss Italian born in Berlin in 1928.

see it here: Colani: VISIONS IN DESIGN - © made by In Mind GmbH

I think he was good friends with Doug Henning and Jim Hensen-