What do you still write by hand?

am quite new to this site, it was recommended as a good source for discussion, so I am hoping to get some feedback on some topics that interest me.
I am currently looking at communication through technology as a research subject for my undergrad dissertation. An initial line of enquiry was to look at communicating using hand writing. I have started asking people about this on a social networking site, but I am conscious that my feedback will be limited to my friends.
I would be grateful for any input on this subject. How do you communicate? Do you send letters, postcards or cards for special occasions and do you hand write these? Is hand writing a lost art?

I still write a lot, postcards while on holiday, thank you letters after birthdays/Christmas.

I do think it’s becoming a lost art, yes.

I have a thought journal that I write in pretty much everyday. This is normally career thoughts or interesting stuff I see through out the day. It is cool to look through them.


I still write my weekly to do list by hand. I keep a moleskin for my lists. Nothing like physically crossing something off a list when you get it done! On the right hand pages are lists, on the left pages are sketches and notes…

I do the same. I also have a book that I write out career objectives. By writing it down it holds me accountable.


Thanks for input, i probably should have indicated what i do which involves writing by hand. Like most others i wirte to do lists and notes to self by hand. I also annotate sketch books.
What i find interesting is not many people use hand writing to communicate with others but as a method of communicating with themselves.

Most of what I write by hand is strictly for myself (notes, lists, etc…) or while brainstorming with a group. I recently got married so I am in the process of writing thank you notes to everyone, which has made me realize how self conscious i am about legibility of my handwriting and spelling.

All of my work notes (from client meetings, design reviews, etc.) are written by hand in small notebooks. I’ve got a drawer full of them at my studio. I like the freedom of being able to write wherever I wish and I often include doodles and special marks for remembering/emphasizing things. Outside of work I write very little. Rent checks, thank you notes, reminders (on the back of my hand) and my workout logs which go into their own small notebooks.

I am with the others here about writing notes to myself on either loose sheets or in a notebook / sketchbook. Strangely enough, I find it easier to quickly locate what I have written and “know” the info on it if I have written it by hand, rather than typing.

Mapping, sticky notes, do-to-list or if I need to put it really fast on paper (after an interview for example). Usually it is just to put it really fast on paper before I forget it. After that I usually document it digitally or I make a photo on my mobile of it (otherwise I will lose it).

Echoing the notebooking jotting, I always carry one with me, and it much faster when on the go than taking out my ipad and opening up a note taking app. My to do list is digital so I can move items around based on priority and delete/add without creating a mess.

Also, math, lots of math. I hate when I need my calculations to be typed for some reason and I have to use the dreadful equation interface in Word. I’d rather do it by hand twice than type it out.

Oh, and class notes. I have over thirty blue 250 page hilroy notebooks, one for each class I’ve taken since I started university, two for when I fill it up.

I write shopping lists by hand, also at work, I carry a small notepad when I’m away from my desk and write down measurements, etc…

Also notes to my girlfriend, but have written a few on my ipad with a stylus and left it for her recently.

Not to mention white boarding. When workshopping in a large group, somehow writing major themes as well as details down large on a white board furthers the conversations. Assumptions that would have passed unexamined otherwise or ideas that may have been overlooked in the conversation of a group meeting somehow get more attention when they are written down for all to see.

The other week we were conducting an offsite roadmaping the next few years of product. A lot of it was reviewing projected spread sheets until we moved to we started mapping each product out on a series of post it notes. Physically writing each product out on a post it note and positioning it in terms of resources needed and timetable was so productive. No matter how digital the world, our senses are analog.


Thanks for all the response most helpful.

Checks, checks, checks…

You still write checks?

that’s intersting i thought cheques/checks were obsolete?

I have one vendor who is not up to the latest technology and I have to write them a check every month.

Right. They can still receive them, but with online banking, and electronic checking, there’s almost no reason to have a checkbook any more. You can electronically send a paper check to your vendor without having to write anything. It’s just like magic…