What do you reckon??

Heya, I’ve just graduated from uni, so have updated my website to lead potential employers to. I’m not a web designer by any stretch of the imagination, so any crits or observations would be greatly appreciated. I’m a little worried that I may have too many different sheet styles, especially when looking through projects?


I think your site looks great. For someone with little web design experience, everything is pretty darn good. I am impressed.

yup its far to busy for what it need to be, have you considered just having a coroflot page instead?

also try and be more consistent on your placement of button/actions

i.e: go back to projects is in the same place as see more project information.

You probably do not need as deep a website as you may think. Think web taxonomy first: business (your objectives), users, content - then the web design deliverable. The home page could probably capture all the information you need to present to a prospective employer, without multiple clicks. Post mini portfolio, and resume as PDF that prospective employeers can open, download, print out, and most importantly take away. One thought is to show your contributions to the non-university projects (sketches/process).
Personally, I’ve never understood the need for Product Designers (Product Design BA in your case) to develop a website to ‘lead’ prospective employers to, unless the designer wants to pursue ‘web design’, or is as proficient at ‘web design’ as they are at ‘product design’. In your case as you indicate that you are ‘not a web designer by any stretch of the imagination’, it can leave the wrong impression. Perhaps take up dawolfman666 suggestion to create a coroflot page. At least there formatting is consistent, and you would be in an appropriate context for discovery!
PS: If you have a prospective employer ‘lead’ present all the information you can directly to them - snailmail, email, PDFs etc. Do not lead them somewhere else. Their interest will drop off rapidly.

Thanks for the comments, I have updated it again, have moved the links so that they’re more consistent. When I said that I designed my site to lead potential employers too I didn’t mean that I was jus emailing that out; I have been sending out .pdf CV’s, or posting them, I don’t like the idea of just sending a web link.

Any more crits?


I think your website works really well, easy to navigate and small compressed images that downloads quickly.
I think it’s a very good idea to send potential employers a PDF portfolio teaser and then link them to the web portfolio if they are interested. Nice to see that you are good at all phases, from sketches, cad renderings, to physical model.
The nostalgic toys are really nice.
keep up the good work.

I’ve updated my website. Criticism would be more than welcome! http://www.sophhorton.co.uk .

I didn’t have time to look at the whole thing, but the would suggest re-designing the racquetball product to look/be more durable. - Maybe it could fit in the triangular neck space?