what do you reckon to this internship??

Hi all

The internship is for one year then i return to uni to finish my final year (this is how its done in the UK). The pay is the equivalent of $20,800 usd.

Is this good???

It may be fair.

It all depends on the cost of living in the city of your employement. $20,800 usd would be tough to live on in San Francisco. Its about $1733 a month before taxes. Figure out what you pay in taxes, what your living expenses are and subtract it from the total.

most intern positions do not pay. $20,800 for a 3rd year student is great! Remember that as an intern you will be doing mostly “joe” jobs like making coffee

Most “industrial Design” internship do pay.
Most " Graphic design and Fashion Design" Internship do not pay.
If you are in city like NYC… most small firm do not pay at all.
It really depending on where and what company you’re working for.
Price can range from $ 5 -$20 per hour. ( this is rate from two years ago for undergrads ) Some company even provide housing, transportation and overtime!

20K for a full year can be tuff in big city. But think about the experience you will be getting…
When I was in school, I used to be really concern about salary. I wouldn’t take any internship under $15 and without housing. Now I think that the experience really worth more than anything.
I recommand that you should take the job and learn as much as you can! ( enjoy it too!) :smiley:

What the fuck are you talking about? Most Inustrial Design interships pay squat! If you are lucky they give you stipend. I do not know of any, ANY, graphic design internships that do not pay? I did my intership in NY, payed NOTHING!!! I had to beg for scraps on the street to make ends meet…

I won’t take internships that do not pay. However I won’t expect any specific amount either. I think it’s mutual respect that the company respect you for your talent and you respect it for giving you the opportunity.

So far I have only seen one internship listing that clearly says it does not pay, but they are all outside of NY.

I have no idea exactly how expensive it is to live in England. $20k sounds too little IMO to have a trouble-free life even in some parts of US. Last summer I was paid $15/h and it was enough to pay for all my expense, but I wasn’t living in anywhere expensive and basically didn’t buy anything I didn’t need.

This summer my job will pay $17/h, but the housing alone will be tripled from the last time, so it will be a different scenario.

Hey! I do not make up things that I have no idea about.
I once had Industrial Design internship offer in NYC pays about $ 9 per hour with no housing.
I do know my friend’s graphic design firm still paying their intern for about $ 9 per hour.
My experience on internship was always $17 or more with furnished housing provided. I’d like to think it was luck and hard work.

Bottom line is the internship experience worth more than anything. Think about it, we go to school PAYING $30K each year to learn…


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