What do you drive??

Be a man…get to the FREE car! :smiley:
Was this picture over at FTL Exec. Airport? Nice image…

I drive a 2000 ZR2 Blazer, 5 speed.

My wife’s car is a 2003 Pontiac Vibe GT with the 6 speed manual and Toyohamaha motor. Fun to drive and gets over 30mpg on the highway.

I drive an '04 Toyota Matrix, black. The souped up XRS trim with the 6 speed (probably exactly like your wife’s Vibe GT under the skin).
I never thought I’d be saying this but I love my car.
It fits my rather large family, my budget, and is very engaging to drive.

thug liife

I’m with you The_Boogey_Man. With all the choices in Hong Kong, why would I drive :slight_smile:
001 HK Transport.jpg

I’ve actually been thinking about s40’s as well

during the week.

and a Black 2001 VW GTI. similar to copyboy’s, but stock.

Daily Driver.: K-Monkey from Surly

When I need to get somewhere out of town, 06 Sonata! HOT!

I bike a lot more than drive (everywhere and all the time, 10 yrs. to work almost every week day) so I submit these.

My whip when I want to go ‘off roading’ on the way home or it’s precipitating out (studded tires when there’s lots of snow and ice):

…and on days when I want to fly home (Independent Fabrication Ti Crown Jewel).

If I need to move big stuff then I use my '98 Subaru Legacy GT wagon, which once and a while folks ask if it’s a BMW (?!). I still miss my first car, a '83 VW Rabbit, simple, fun to drive and work on.

OK there should be pictures but there are not. Look good in preview and when I first posted. Will work on it.<<

I drive a 1997 Jeep Wrangler soft top.

But, through some extremely unfortunate tragedies in the family, I just inherited this:

This is cool. It looks to be a common trend among us to drive quick stylish cars. The stylish part I understand of course but the fast part I find interesting.

My ride…

my baby and her girlfriends.

I don’t know if any of us quite fall into the “fast” catagory. But I was spoiled in college hanging out with gearheads where 500hp was still considered “Slow” by the 800hp guys. :laughing:

My car gets out of its own way, but it certainly isn’t fast.

Okay you are right. How about quick?

That works. Who knows we might have some speed demons in our midst who haven’t posted :laughing:

I just spent all day installing my laser jammers. My hands haven’t seen abuse like this in a while. :neutral_face:

Yeah I spent the day surfing the internet for mods to my new Subie. I am going to have to convince the wife but that shouldn’t be hard sense she likes power and speed as well.

This will be the new ride starting next friday, Honda Fit Sport 2009, Blue Sensation Pearl.[/img]

My two: 01’ TT convertible with the baseball stitch seats, and an 08’ Mini Clubman

Damnit YO! You’re stealing the show again :wink: