What do you consider to be the best designed album covers?

That Keane album is nice - kind of reminiscent of the classic The Great Wave off Kanagawa:

I’ve been seeing more & more of this lately

Am I the only one who got this ?


Robert Crumb classic

Nope, I laughed my a$$ off!

Im glad you guys got the joke, I was afraid everyone thought I liked Beyonce! Well… her music any way.

I personally would have to go with the classic Beatles album “Abbey Road.” This album had no need to have the name of the band or even a title on the cover as “The Beatles” brand is probably one of the largest in the world and instantly recognisable. Its also one cover that thousands of people have mimicked.

dark side of the moon

Zippyflounder - you beat me to it! This is easily one of the most iconic album covers, most people know exactly what it is by the image of the prism.

Of course I’ve always loved this one - I used to stare at the details for hours on end:

Some other favs include:

And for no other reason than I’m in love with her…

Some of my favorite designs from Peter Saville:

guess this is one of my favourite ones, a bit gimmicky but interesting none the less.

Thats awesome cheers for the link!

That is bananas! Pretty awesome.

Here’s just a few…

I can only post three at a time?
peeping tom.jpg


I can’t believe this wasn’t posted yet:

great stuff.

Hadn’t seen that, instant forward.