What do you call this gizmo?

What do you call this little plastic gizmo for cinching up elastic shoe laces? I have seen several of them with a little spring in them to keep them in place.

Where would one start looking to purchase them in bulk?

that good sir is a “toggle”
atleast that’s what we called them, but now
I’m having a hard time finding any matching search results

Aye, a toggle, or a cord lock. I had to find sources for these for a project last year, armed with google and the keyword cord lock you should find plenty of sources, lots of which are still manufactured in the USA. Let me know if you want some of the places we settled on, though we needed a particular unusual configuration.

My thanks :wink:

I knew with the right word and Google I would be on the right track.

Thanks for the help!

Cord lock seems to be resulting in the better search results.

None the less…your assistance got me what I needed!

We often use Duraflex - www.unitex.com.hk