what do you all consider to be a new design trend??

O.K. so a question to post out to the great design forum…

If you had to sum up what the new design trends, materials, techniques or resources were in the US…what would you say?

Since we are all taught differently at various schools and live in diferent areas I thought I could ask a collective large group what you think is influencing design the most at the moment? Any area of design will do?

Personally I feel that there is an abundance of clean design that uses bezels. Parting lines that are accentuated and made aware, but the use of bezels is showing up in so many designs from Infinity cars to cell phones to laptops. Maybe it is too broad a statement…tell me what you all think please,


Fuck trends!


Following design trends is perilous route for your career growth.

I believe that designers are returning to a clean, classical sense with a modern twist of transparency and hand-made designs.




craft influenced, eclectic…whatever makes it all more personal.

… hand made jacuzzis?

I’d knit a cozy for a hand made whirlpool bath…

Hmmm! Design trends… Well I’d hate to think of design trends outside their substancial context which is really (I believe) our everyday lives. I’d like to think of design trends as a term refering to the collective direction of the design activity wherever it may exist. I think the question here is really how these trends are generated, by whom and most importanlly for what reasons.

warning- i’m tied to … russian mafia.


everytime i read that i laugh. better than comments above it. its like Boston Legal. Shatner always saying “Denny Crain”.

generally agree with this. more diversity in some areas. more same-ness in others.

I think that tranluscent colored plastic will be very big

sorry i haven’t seen that show. but you can always laugh … or even cry!

Sharp angles and edges in automotive exterior styling are coming back.
ie: Cadillac, Lamborghini