What do yins drink?

I’ve been on a White Russian bend lately, or Caucasians as the dude called them. I like em strong so:

1 part kahlua
2 parts vodka (Three Olives, midrange price but tastes great)
1-2 parts whole milk

Can’t bring myself to put cream instead of milk, still tasty though.

2 drink rotation:

1 Pint Guiness

followed by

1 Jameson & Ginger Ale (known as the Big Ginger at local watering hole The Local http://blogs.citypages.com/gimmenoise/2009/03/the_local_sets.php)


1 Jameson & Ginger Ale (known as the Big Ginger…

That sounds good… Ginger beer and beam they call that a Jones down in Houston. I’ve had the dark and stormy (rum and ginger beer), pretty good as well

Cream is pretty out there for a drink

Good whiskey should never ever be served with anything other than a few cubes of ice or neat with a splash of water. Having said that Jameson & Ginger Ale is probably a good idea.

I consider “Good Whiskey” to be your single malt variety. Jameson is pretty sweet to begin with, so on a hot summer day a pint glass of Jameson and Ginger is pretty great.

ever try Jameson on ice with lemon? Very tasty combo…

Damn I miss the good stuff. In light of the souring economy, I’ve been sticking with either Guinness or Harp or both. As the weather gets warmer, I suppose a switch to Skye or Stoli will be in order. Vodka is the ultimate purview of these times isn’t it? Fundamental, functional, efficient, rational, essence. Its individuality only apparent in the serenity it distills.

To start, I’m a lightweight. I’m also a drinking newbie, relatively.

I drink Canadian Club with a splash water, gin and tonic and all sorts of beer. Not all in the same sitting though. Depends. Football=beer.

I’m a beer man. No cocktails, and only wine if my girlfriend makes me.

Brooklyn Local 2, and Omeggang Hennepin have been my newest diggs. Strong enough to knock you out but tasty enough to enjoy.

My home brewed beer… YUM!

I’m on board with that Ommegang, all varieties are delicious. In fact, it was the first legal beer I had with my parents when I turned 21.

cherry dr. Pepper :stuck_out_tongue:

hey i dont drink but wanted to be involved in this thread!

Guinness, Boddington’s, Bell’s Oberon, or Schlitz for beer.

Jameson, Maker’s, or a Manhattan for liquor.

French whites or New Zealand sauvignon blanc for wine.

Kubler or Suisse Clandestine la Bleue for absinthe.

Petite syrah $ and Chateauneuf du pape $$

A good tequila. Don Julio anejo is a very good, moderately-priced choice. It makes Patron taste like paint thinner.

Served neat.

Or a margherita:
2 parts Don Julio
1 part Cointreau
1 part lime juice
Sugar syrup to taste

Served up.

Even cheaper alternative I try now & then is Malbec

some mango concoction my wife made.

it was 85 at 8pm last night and i was sitting on the patio under the pergula getting my buzz on.



rocks or neat.

I sample here and there, but those are my two.

Two quick things…

I just drank the finest Tequila I’ve ever drank. The blanco is literally like drinking lightly sweetened flower nectar. Clase Azul Plantino - blanco. $80 for 750ml and make every tequila I’ve tasted, taste like garbage. Hand painted bottle, and the price does not go into that cost.

And these, Whiskey Stones.
used to chill your whiskey or scotch without diluting down the flavor with melting ice.

from the website…
“The Whisky Stones are milled exclusively for Teroforma in Perkinsville, VT by the oldest soapstone workshop in the US. Add 2-3 stones to your next dram of single malt - they cool things down just a touch without diluting. Rinse, dry and store in freezer for next time (minimum of 4 hours). Please note that the stones are not recommended for larger volume drinks.”

another whiskey and ginger man, I love that combo. Jamesons is great as well as makers, both pretty sweet.

Try it with Reed’s Ginger Beer, great stuff.

My local bar in college called it a Horsefeather.