what do u need to get started?

what exactly do you need to get started in the field? An undergraduate degree, a masters? Or just a really good portfolio? What schools are the best for studying furniture design? in the country or especially in southern cali? Does anyone know what organizations or businesses are the best to get into?

Did you even bother looking at the other threads in this section? :unamused:

you need a lot of wood and upholstry.

you need to have talent and a good portfolio
undergrad is fine
schools depending what you are looking for
University of the Arts
Kendall college of art and Design

You don’t need a grad degree to get started. Here’s a checklist:

1. Start sketching and keep sketching (you can never be too good).

2. Find a good program that you can afford,

(this could be a university, art institute, technical program, whatever. As much as people might tell you that you can only be an industrial designer by going to expensive school X,Y, or Z, you can learn to be a good designer at any program, its all a matter of what you put into it - remember going to an expensive school doesn’t make you a genious.

3. Learn several computer drafting / design programs

(you’ll learn most of these in school but once you know the basics taking on a new program on your own won’t be a problem)

4. Do research

(start reading magazines, books, websites, etc on design to get familiar with culture, the organizations, and the language of design. This should be taken seriously)

5. Practice and then practice some more

(design is one of those things that some people are just born being able to do but it doesn’t mean that others can’t learn the same skills. Keep at it and you might surprise youself with the results, if not at least you know one thing you don’t want to do.)

6. Get experience

(find a design firm or design related company and try anything you can to get your foot in the door. My first internship was with a furniture designer who needed someone to help clean and organize his shop. It was a lot of crappy work but in between hauling lumber around he did teach me some really good skills.)

Yeah, you really just need a pencil and alot of paper. Formal education will give you some credibility, but it’s more for networking. That’s why I think if you are going to choose a program, choose one with alumns you respect and would like to work with. Everybody says it doesn’t matter, but I’ve seen from experience that sometimes what school you went to matters and is a bonus. I went to a regular public school and have been looked down upon by alot of Alumns from, EHEM! STANFORD. Damn you IDEO. lol.