What do these images make you think of?

Is that the company who makes those products?

Once again thanks for all the feedback. My concept designs for this project are now up on my coroflot profile. Here is the link;


At first, I thought this was a woman lying on her back with her legs up in the air and a black bikin bottom on.


So I’m reading “What The Dog Saw” by Malcolm Gladwell, Gladwell is talking about being with a guy who comes up with the concepts for stuff they sell on infomercials. The concept guy brings up a discussions about a old product, the pocket fisherman, that he had between a designer and himself. Concept guy told the designer it was not a product to be used but to be given.

Much like the pocket fisherman, harpies, and the things on the first page, they are best avoided, and when given should not be used. Seeing stuff like that is the same for me as watching someone die due to failure to act. However I hope that things like this just show themselves out, with a more responsible society and a growing number of people who like to live a minimalist life style (in some capacity) the demand will go away.

Words that these make me thing of:

small town,
hicks with money,
It also just makes me think of why I do not like the US, if some people had a clue that they had a low standard of living and it was somewhat up to them to change. They might actually do it.