What do people think of the booklist?

I am curious about reactions to the new Core booklist. Especially the “essential” section. There are some very interesting suggestions.

For me Ways Of Seeing by John Bergey was a suprise, but welcome one. I read that one a few times and really stand by it. I never would expect to see it as a ID suggestion. Though ultimately I think it is relevant to any artform. If the list maker is out there: What’s your reasoning?

Planet Of The Blind, which I haven’t read but I am still suprised to see it as an essential design book.

Whoever compiled the list has a very open mind.

Anyone else have reactions to the list? Things that should have been included? Or books they dislike that made it on…?

As a student I really was thrilled when i saw this on the site. I thought it is a great idea and if it is continually updated with recent books it would be really great.

I would also love to see a yearly top 5 or something so that you know what books are must have for this year.

can we have a list of good links on this site…or may be good websites