What do I need to do to be a designer in sports waer field.

Hi… Currently, I am working at a electronic company as a junior designer. But later I want to work in the sports wear field, such as Nike, Adiddas and so on. ( I know it’s hard to get a chance to work there…though)

Do I need to study again? (I have bachelor degrees in ID )
Is there any special school for that?

I think it is great that you are developing some long term goals. So I fully understand by saying “I want to work in the sports wear field” did you mean doing footwear or what type of design in sports performance?

I do not think you need to go back to school. I know some designers at adidas whom came from other fields other than footwear and are designing shoes. If footwear is your design choice to get into. I think studying these boards, looking back through the past and seeing what you can learn and as well post work and seek critism. As well you might want to begin to develop some projects. I think a site to check out that could be helpful for this would be http://kicksguide.com

be easy


Hey Jo,

You could combine your electronics skills with apparell design…Look at the Nike and Ipod shoe or the really old RS shoe (as far as I can remember)

Maybe you could incorperate wearable electronics with design for footwear/clothing. (as long as it has a functional benefit and can meet price point)

Philips did have a wearable electronics program based in London but I am not sure if it died or if it has moved!!! They made a jacket with Levi some years ago.

If this a potential road of ineterest to develop footwear then let me know as I can give you some web sites and emails etc… If it is clothing I know one designer who worked on wearable electronics etc.

The one thing you must do first is identify the need, be it walking down the street or running the left bend in 200m. Some of the electronic stuff was for sake of it.