What do Designers Drink

Tanqueray 10 for sure! The G n’ T, its a classic.

Wow, surpised to see so much tequila. Is it some new US trend thing? I havent seen anyone order/buy a Tequila (Anjeo or not) in a very long time…

can’t stand the stuff myself…


Weekends: Newcastle and Fat tire
Back in the day: Bintang
Casual parties: Jack and Coke
Vegas: Redbull and Vodka
Hawaii: Beautiful (grand marn-ya & Hennessy)

for beer:

erdinger duken
leffe brun
old speckled hen

for bbq:

sloe gin and lemonade (even better than pims)

for dancing:

whatever has the highest percentage, lowest price and can be downed the quickest

for home:

GnT tanc 10 with lime not lemon like some retarded bar staff gave over the weekend

Penderyn a quality Welsh single malt

Oct.-Mar: Jack and Ginger

Apr.- Sept: Gin and Tonic with lime.

[quote=“NURB”]Glenlivit, Glenfiddich, Glengarry… any Glen.

Guinness, New Castle, Grain Belt Premium (It’s as great as it sounds!)[/quote]

Did I hear a shout out to Grain Belt Premium? Right on NURBS!!
I alway like to support the local economy, Summit Pale Ale, Summit Winter Ale.

Otherwise our Canuck neighbors to the north make a fine beer in Sleeman’s Porter, Dark, Honey Brown, and Cream Ale.

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

on the porch: 40z of Ides

in the yard: G&T xtra lime

on the couch: Terminal Gravity IPA, or Lagunitas IPA (shout out Scott Whitenkeller), Stone Brewing anything

Happy Hour at the Brazen Bean: The Gimlet

After a day of climbing: Sierra Nevada Pale

On a portaledge in Yosemite at dusk: Guiness Cans

Post Surf beach: Pacifico

by the fire: double Balvinie Singlemalt 12, two rocks

Post finals critique: Gin Martini dirty xtra olives and some cocktail napkins to draw on.

They do make a good gimlet!

Ya- Tequila marketers (specifically the people behind Patron) have done a good job in the US promoting their product. I think it partly has to do with the “Spring Break” and “Girls Gone Wild” obsession in the US. If I drink enough of that stuff, sometimes I think I’m in Cancun.

gummybear juice

if I drink enough of that stuff, sometimes I think I’m in FightClub!

There has been a lot of marketing push in tequila lately, it’s true. but mostly the bigger ones are represented.

We in the USA should feel fortunate that our lovely neighbors to the south can provide us with something equal in complexity and tradition to good bourbon or scotch.

For a great time and some education too, seek out Julio at Tommy’s restaurant on Geary in SF, or at his new place Tres Agaves near the ballpark. Julio could be 50% responsible for promoting tequila in the USA - he is a true ambassador and loves a good time. He also keeps the Jose Cuervo down with the Popov and Bacardi next to the dishsoap under the sink in the bar, and will charge you $15 for a margarita made with Cuervo.

Drunk-wise, it has an undeservedly bad reputation as a late-night, “I dare you” GGW, spring break in Cancun round of shots. You wouldn’t do that with Balvenie or Basil Hayden, so why with good tequila? Jose Cuervo isn’t worth the bottle it comes in, but they do make other good bottles of 100% agave stuff.

Since it comes from some big spooky succulent plant, it gives you a buzz like nothing else - sorta charged-up. One night we went big at Tommy’s - bar tab was over $200 of anejo snifters, chips, and water - and I swear on my next two IDEA awards, no hangover. The key is NOT MIXING IT with beer or anything else, which is why late-night shots are always a gruesome idea.

Soapboxing over, this is still a great thread.

Obviously designers like to get pickled. Every 28 hours or so.