What do Designers Drink

Thought I would put a thread out there to see what are the common drink among IDers. Mine is Micro Brew Beers.

Tom Collins
Grey Goose and Tonic
Captain and Coke
Moscow Mule

PBR yes i still love it from the broke college days
Corona only during the summer
40s of highlife for the house party with old highschool friends (cant play drinking games like edward 40 hands with out em)
the bar down from me makes a mean 1800 maragita (also good on cinco de mayo)
but today (st patricks day) its anything cheap, green, or guiness and an Irish car bomb or 5 if im lucky

oh im a fan of micro brew but i feel like i always end up spending twice as much for a beer that tastes exactly like ones i drink any way

Beer - Stella Artois
Liquor - Bacardi Añejo and Coke
Wine - Chiante Classico

just about anything import (hoegaarden, stella, Pilsner Urquel among the favs), but Canadian microbrews and Guiness as well. if not, Carlsberg (2.5 years in Denmark will do that). Also developed a fondness for Tsing Tao after far to much time spent enjoying “after work” beers in China…

Single Blend Scotch
Belvedere/Stoli/Grey Goose Vodka (ice only, no mixer)

try to avoid

italian Barabresco, Barolo or also some good stuff from Australia, South Africa or Chilie. Not much into whites, french or Cali wines.

… a single blend??? I’d go for a single malt every time. Glenlivet is swill … a peaty Speyside does it for me, neat. As W.C. Fields once said, “Water? Isn’t that the stuff that rusts pipes.” :wink:

Tequilla? Don Julio Añejo. Straight.

A blistering afternoon? Grey Goose on ice, please.

Beer; Something dark; if I can’t see through the glass it’s perfect, as long as it isn’t too cold. Spaten “Optimator” comes to mind.

Wine is for cooking … and if you can’t drink it, please, don’t put it in my food.

Mixers … are for kids. Ya wanna drink liquor, drink liquor. Ya wanna drink soda pop, drink soda pop. Just don’t ruin good liqour with it.

Glenlivit, Glenfiddich, Glengarry… any Glen.

Guinness, New Castle, Grain Belt Premium (It’s as great as it sounds!)

single malt scotch over ice.

margarita OVER ice, no salt please

beer, i like the microbrewed stuff, but i do enjoy miller (high life) from the bottle, never from the tap or can.

wine gives me a headache and heartburn. i don’t drink it, but use it for cooking.

if it’s really hot, gin and tonic.

never use the well, go for the shelf for liquors.

When it’s in the hundreds, it’s Pimm’s and ginger ale.

Most the rest of the time it’s Maker’s Mark and Coke.

But when it’s beer drinkin’ time I reach for a icy Lone Star!

i’ve been digging Paloma’s of late but only with Don julio tequila… any other and i feel sick the next day… it’s so frickin smooth

Don Julio Añejo tequila
club soda
crushed mint
and freshly pressed lime juice

Beer : Blanche de Chambly, probably the best white beer in the world. There are a lot of microbrewery up here so I tend to stick with that.
(Unibroue, Cheval Blanc, Trois mousquetaires)

Drink : Gin Tonic

Wine: Nuits Saint Georges and a rich Pinot Noir
Drinks: Mojitos & Caipirinhas
Shots: Tequilas are fun
Beers: Belgian Brews and local micro brews
Good morning: Mericano
And lots of water, design studios and long hours dehydrate me.


For beer, I love IPAs - the hoppier, the better. My current top 5 american microbrew IPAs:

  1. Great Lakes Brewing Company - Burning River
  2. Three Floyds - Alpha King
  3. DogfishHead - 60 Minute IPA
  4. New Holland Brewing Co. - Mad Hatter
  5. Anderson Valley - Hop Ottin IPA

Many favorites out there, but at the moment:

_Knob Creek Bourbon (neat)
_Maker’s Mark Bourbon Sour
_for beer it has to be Fat Tire or Newcastle
_and I seem to be drinking quite a bit of red wine lately.

Since moving to Arizona, I’ve also become quite a big fan of good tequila. Don Julio Anejo does the trick! …and if you can find it: Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia…

Anytime: Guinness
Hefeweizen with lemon (ya ya)
Pale Ale

Granville Island Winter Ale

Red…with a straw

Nothing beats sitting on a patio on Vancouver summer drinking a Mojito and a big plate of spicy food (don’t knock it 'till you try it)

Portlanders know that nothing cuts a sunny day like a Widmer’s Hef with Lemon but since the weather out here hangs to the soggy side most of the time I grab a PBR, Ranier or a G’n T. It doesnt feel so wrong to sleep off a hang over when the sun’s not shining. All time favorite: Belhaven

I have to say I’m pretty pleased with some of the answers on here I was expecting mostly alcohol snobs but it sounds like there’s a healthy mix of connoisseur’s and budget drinkers. Here’s to variety! Cheers!

I did forget the G n’ T on my list. Up here on the arctic tundra of the upper midwest, they’re more popular in the summertime.

Bombay Sapphire or Tanqueray 10 if you want to do it right.

When it’s Friday afternoon and the 3-D plots are done, I like a few shots of good tequila and a Mexican beer. El Tesoro Reposado and a Dos Equis Lager are sublime.

Matter o’ fact, lots of combinations work well for me - a Guiness and Bass black’n’tan (I know it’s supposed to be Harp, too bad) is like milk and cookies; PBR and a shot of Knob Creek is luxury slumming; or when it’s summertime in the NW oh my I gotta have a bowl of Harushika Dai-Ginjo sake and a Sapporo along with a few bites of raw fish. That’s as snobby as I’ll get.

If any o’ ya’s are ever in Seattle there’s a great Belgian beer place in Capitol Hill called Stumbling Monk. Usually something on cask, and always Chimay on tap. I’m more partial to two small glasses of high-octane beer than three or four big Stellas…but maybe that’s a winter thing.

Great topic for a design board :wink:

Great thread!

Bottles of Miller High Life for after Saturday soccer

Bottles of Miller High Life for Friday, Sat nights,

Any holiday associated booze, ie Guiness on St. Pat’s, Cuervo, Patron on Cinco de Mayo, Egg nog at X-Mas,

and of course Jaeger for all special occasions

If we’re talking mixed drinks… it’ll always be Sloe Comfortable Screws for me. Or anything made by the crew at Tiki Bar TV!

As for beer it’d have to be Newcastle, Rolling Rock or Dos Equis.