What do design students do during their Vacation?

What is the best choice for spending my summer vacation? I am 3rd industrial design student. Until now I traveled during summer vacation and worked for winter vacation, not intern part time job for money. However now I start to concern about… is that… all right? I love travel… meet other people from other culture… and as you guys know… During semester… we, design students, can’t sleep well or… eat well… I mean it’s crazy busy always… So… I thought I need time for myself…

Anyway… Please let me know what you guys did during your vacation… Intern? Study more???

I worked durring summer vacation, winter break and durring the school year, anywhere that would take me that was even remotely related to design. Each experience opened the doors for better jobs, and that is part of what got me to the place i am now, which is a very happy place at a great full time job and plenty of freelance work on top of that.

Internships, as many as possible.

If not take more classes to clear them ahead of time.

If not just go make yourself a den in the bushes and not think about design for a while.

Try to get internship in other country, Europe is better choice because people are more lay back. You will get to see the city and the culture a lot.
Japan is BAD because people work Monday to Saturday. but that’s just my experience.

work-now days a college degree isn’t only what a company is looking for for hire-they also expect experience. so try and build up.

+have fun

these are going to help your creativity and make you stay sane and not go insane.

note-also try studying something outside what you major ina nd or what you are normal to, like take a figure drawing class-

you definately need time for yourself…but while you are on the move try reading ID related mags,interior mags, designer autobiographies etc. i love traveling myself, but i dont stop myself from noticing and analyzing different design situations in my daily life, and especially when i am around different cultures…and the most important tip: Always carry your sketchbook with you! :bulb: