What designers kids get for the holidays

I was just wondering what any of you with kids got them for the holidays? My kids got hooked up with:

  • cat construction train
  • Digi camera
  • Baby dolls (creepy) Why can these be made so they are cute? Every doll she got looks like the devil…
  • Art supplies [from dad]

    Just wondering…

Wall-E Robot - For a three year old.

Way too much toy for my son, but just right for his Dad.

sweet when my son was 2 he got a buzz light year with the flip out wings, voice, and laser. dead on too much toy for him but I loved it [still do]

My 2 1/2 year old son got a some Cars toys (he took them to nap and bed and would not put them down, an excellent ROI), a few hot wheels, and a kitchen set along with various other goodies and books ( “The Gas We Pass: The Story of Farts” and “Everybody Poops”)

+update, my sister and brother in law also got him a digi cam for kids, should be fun

My 7 month old daughter got a lot of things she could chew on, but nothing too exciting for daddy.