what design sites, blogs etc do you get design news from?

I am interested, I know I have got into a bit of a rut and was wondering what I should be looking at on a daily basis to keep my juices flowing (OK no cracks about a dried up old husk like me even having juices).

Core 77 blog
Fast Co’s Design And Technology blogs
Swiss-miss’ blog
Seth Godin’s Blog
Harvard Business review (more business marketing than design)

Those are the biggies for me.

besides core77 of course


My look at everyday list is:


Which is a nice cross section for me.

Then I have a bunch of folders in sub categories that I look at when I can

I use a fixed 1 hour/day to read a list of blogs. these are the ones design-related



…and from Brazil


Interesting to see that each person have his on “portfolio” of blogs and sites. This balance of references has a lot to do with the creative process of each one

thanks, appreciate that, any more?



Not strictly ID related, but pretty cool all the same.



I just found this, pretty cool.

One that I use that hasn’t been listed yet is http://mocoloco.com/

http://www.canadiandesignresource.ca/officialgallery/index.php Content is fairly unique, ultra simple layout, some history and only mildly fashion following.

http://www.creativeroots.org/ general design, some surprises.

The weakness of many design blogs is their sameness, I find more interesting design related inspiration on non-design sites:

http://www.thingsmagazine.net/ generally a themed aggregator with occasional savant beautifully playing the editor’s role via topical blog or tumblr. But this site takes work as it’s not a magazine format, no articles.

http://www.dailyicon.net/ these two are occasionally time well spent, I don’t think they’ll last.

Flickr: The Vintage Electronics Pool also leads to similar flickr groups on design history.
and I occasionally troll etsy’s vintage section.

thanks all, keep them coming


Let me take a look at me RSS reader :slight_smile: I just got a new reader called Feedly, I love it :slight_smile:
http://www.behance.net/ (Graphic Design)
http://www.ignant.de/ (Art)
Website for New Ideas - Blog (Ugly layout but I like those “interesting … posts”)
http://cunicode.com/(3D Printing)
http://design-exposed.blogspot.nl/ (Ideation Sketches)
http://conceptkicks.com/ (Sneakers)

Two more! I’ve known of these for ages so aren’t sure why I didn’t post them before!



thanks again!


http://ffffound.com (image based)