What design program do u use?

I’ve recently started working in a factory were they make promotinal stuff in plastic. Mostly they do plates, flyers, cups, etc. Now we are given a job were we have to make toys, animal figures. I entered this company as a grafic designer, they have here a industrial designer, but as I have some knowledg with 3D Max I’m also helping with this.
They usea SolidEdge and rhino to make the models, but he is having some problems doing this figures with those programs. So my question is, what program do u use to make toy design. Is there any specific program or you can make it with 3D Max for example. But if you use 3D Max to make the model, how do you calculate how much is it going to weight, I think that in SolidEdge you can do this.
Any help would be apreciated, thanks.

If you want to see what kind of products we do, this is our web page.

We use a variety of 3 d programs–
I my self like Solidworks to do nonsculpture based work.
For sculpt based items (digital) would be freeform. Its more like sculpting than cad.

If your doing items in 3d max, exporting as an iges file and importing back into solid edge-- again it depends on how detailed your part is. It may not import.

I think most of the sculpting now days is done with the sensible product line of hardware and software.

For other plastic geometry the larger toy companies and their suppliers will use Pro/E or Solidworks with an occasional alias or Rhino import in the parametric modeler. Fisher-price, matel ect.