what company should I pick to host my domain?

I am working on getting a web site up and running for my portfolio and resume, ect. I found a whole bunch of companies willing to give me the domain I want in all different price ranges. I was wondering if there was any particular one that serviced to websites like the one I’d like to create. For example, it seems like go-daddy is the least expensive, but I’m not sure if the services they offer would make it the best (and easiest) choice.
I’d like something that makes it as easy as possible to create a portfolio web page for an extremely novice web designer. Something that offers user friendly web design (templates) as well as the ability to have my name before the .com! Any suggestions?

Get a host that has the “Fantastico” feature. You can install wordpress on to it and create your portfolio using whatever free theme you want, get a theme that you can change the appearance. This is the cheap and/or novice route, and if you put some time into learning about it you can do it all yourself. Look into providers like HostGator or HostMonster I believe they have this feature.

Just understand there is sometimes a difference between your registrar (the company who registers your domain name like mynamedomain.com) and the company that hosts your data (provides the server space for you to store your web site).

Many hosting companies will do both - but sometimes they’ll list the pricing seperately so keep that in mind.

I don’t have any recommendations off the top of my head, but for a portfolio you won’t need something with a ton of space or bandwidth, so you can probably get something thats only a few bucks a month.

Personally I’m using Godaddy for the domain registration and MobileMe from apple for my hosting (since I already use it for my email).


All my digital design friends recommend it. Seems to have one of the best ratings among hosting sites.

I just use 1&1 for the name and space. I think it is only about $4 or $5 a month for 2 gigs of space. It isnt as easy to use as go daddy, but once I have everything set in filezilla it runs perfectly. Then again, I notice a lot of these new pages are running on some sort of flash template, and I dont know anything about that. Lets just hope all these employers arent checking out the web pages on an ipad!


Maybe a bit late for this reply, but worth to input this info for other people looking at the same.

I agree about Bluehost, I use it myself and I’m happy with it.

You might still want to check Cargo. It is free unless you want to use some exclusive templates and customize your URL (something like 60 USD/year and you will not need to pay for hosting).

You can still choose many of the non exclusive templates and fully customize the CSS and insert custom HTML. It has a very simple control panel to setup everything.


I had been using powweb.com for several years which was expensive and not fun to deal with and only got worse when there was a change in management. It always seemed like it was too much trouble to switch hosts, but I recently signed up for stablehost due to all the positive responses found here as well as the price: StableHost.com .:. UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH & DISK .:. Plans starting at only $1.75/m | Web Hosting Talk You can find a lifetime coupon code at the link for 50% off as well.

I’ve only had it for a few months now but I can definitely recommend it over other hosts I have dealt with in the past. Their customer service is responsive (for me, it was within minutes), and all functionality of the website is extremely easy to access. With powweb, my control panel was located at ops.powweb.com, where i would have to login and dig through several menus, and my ftp server was something i had to memorize and less customized like ftp://ftp02.powweb.com. At Stable Host, my control panel, for example, is at http://www.domain.com:1234 (port number), and my ftp is at ftp://domain.com.

I was looking at some of the other hosts posted here as well and nearlyfreespeech looks very intriguing with it’s unique billing plan. I will have to give that a try if/when I need a second domain.

I find http://www.squarespace.com to be the #1 holistic hosting/web site creation/management service, bar none. About $20/mo for everything and your site can be updated and modified in seconds.

Most web host features are fairly similar especially if it’s for a personal website/portfolio/blog and unless you’re receiving a ton of traffic, shared hosting should suit most people and save them 10x the money. Stablehost is $2/month for the cheapest plan, and a site like Nearly Free Speech that charges based on bandwidth and webspace use should only cost most people $5-15/year.

Hmm, maybe I’m just ignorant. Do they have an interface that approaches the awesomeness of squarespace though? I know lots of sties have token templates and the like, but squarespace is a pretty holistic tool, which I love.

Oh, I see what you mean. If you’re going with a template or a website builder, the one at squarespace looks pretty good but i have no experience with it so i don’t know if its worth the price. If you’re writing your own code though, then that feature shouldn’t be a factor and I would go with a cheaper option :slight_smile: