What companies have modern office supplies?

I have a very organic and beautiful pencil sharpener design. I’d like to create a handful of other office products, and brand them under a certain name as a portfolio piece.

What are some possible brands which are more modern?




Here is one I did for a Chinese company a couple years ago. Only available off-shore.

Remember a few years ago when Swingline was doing all that cool stuff?
Aaron, my first design director used to say “doing great design for Philips is easy, try reinventing a brand with no history or working knowledge of great design…” or something like that.

Also, the TUL brand is doing some interesting stuff, it is an Officemax house brand, which is also interesting. A lot of retailers have house brands, but this one actually has some nice design going on, designed by http://gravitytank.com/ (Jonathan Dien, is that you?)

You could also look at Blomus.

Go through sites like:





Good luck, have fun!

dont think they really do anything electric.

maybe Muji?

or make up your own brand? if you can also come up with a good brand identity and DNA that flows into the project, its a good plus in a portfolio.


awesome thanks much guys