What city would you most want to live in?

If you could get up an move to any city in the world to live where would it be? Or would you stay where you are? Answer this based on if you could keep your current job, or take a job you liked in that city.

I have lived in the midwest, southern Cal and I am currently in Texas. I still can figure out why Texans love Texas so much. No income tax is nice though. I would choose Chicago. I love the midwest, and I love big cities so it’s the perfect fit.

The idea of no income tax, WOW!.. sign me up!
I could not imagine actually keeping all the money I make, it’s such a surreal thought.

I’d move to the west coast, Canada or US. Maybe not Southern California though… I think I’d prefer it a bit further north.

Buenos Aires and Bangkok would be at the top of my list. Tons of stuff to do, all at a low, low price.

cheap house prices in TX too, but I hear they get you on the property tax :wink:

based on relatively little, I’d pick Shanghai for living on an interesting edge of design (never been there, but it sounds so futuristic). For just nice lifestyle and cultural interest, I’d love to live in Paris or by the beach in San Sebastian, Spain


With a vacation home on Lake Como.

Interesting question. In the perfect world here is my list:

San Francisco
Chicago, [currently]

Although I would ideally have a weekend place in the country on a farm of some sort.

Bigger Cities:
San Francisco

Smaller Cities:

Countryside / small towns:
Palm Springs

In no particular order-

Toronto :slight_smile:


I would consider Copenhagen for sure as well. No Montreal?

I would stay in Vancouver. It truly is one of the most beautiful, amazing places on this planet.


I would spend 2 - 6 mos living in another city every year in a house swap or some other way that allows me to see the world and bring variety to my life.

Cities that are high on my list:

Sydney (maybe Cairns)
Too many places in Africa to begin naming

Pretty much anywhere that is not where I am now.

Your first and last comments are slightly conflicting right?

I can see how it could read as conflicting…

The statement was meant to define what city I would like to house swap to…or live in temporarily…I believe Vancouver will always be my HOME.

Ditto that… my wife’s from Victoria and that whole area really is amazing

I’d officially like to add Vancouver to my list!

Probably Rome or somewhere in Italy if I had money.

Melbourne for family.

Austin, TX (still love it here, and yep, the no state income tax is great)
Zurich, Switzerland
Milan, Italy
Provence, France
Catskills region, NY
San Francisco, CA
Portland, OR
Dorset, England
Barcelona, Spain
Marfa, TX
Big Sur, CA

Amazing that San Sebastian was already mentioned.

Amsterdam, Tuscany and Provence sure are nice.

Living in the heart of Europe I wouldn’t change the main location so much. Only adjust like
200Km to the south. I love city life, but the big cities, that we have here are too overcrowded
to raise a family.

A second (winter) home is always a good Idea. Could be anywhere in spain or italy. Won’t
present the best picks on a board, though. :laughing:

I studied Architecture there and it was such a surprise that it was so nice. Great surf too. The secret was out when Hemingway wrote “a Sun Also Rises”…

Long time since I last read a novel. But that title tells me it might be good fit for my deckchair in the winter garden.
I’ll get me a drink.

drinking is one of the key words in that novel… pretty much a Paris to San Sebastian party trip for Hemingway and his buddies, all captured in his own unique way

  1. Sheboygan, Wisconsin
  2. Monaco

Actually, I don’t have a clue. I like Montreal though, even if I complain about it constantly.