What cell phone do you own?

Had this for 4 years on T-Mobile, constantly made fun of by other designers, but then, I’ve saved $1,000’s not upgrading to each iPhone and paying the contract fees…

I dunno, I like the iPhone and could easily afford one and the G1 is certainly showing it’s age in terms of interface speed, but it still works, never drops calls, and is super solid. In the end, I just use my iPad for everything aside calls.

I am grandfathered into unlimited text/data with T-Mobile from my 2004 plan and while I can get an iPhone on their network they won’t support it. Right now I’m leaning towards the Galaxy Note II.

Galaxy Nexus from Samsung and Google. Too bad it does not support all codecs (open source) and it has no SD slot in it. For the rest I’m quiet happy with it, especially that Android is flexible.

Nokia C3

I might be getting a second phone soon. Office is dumping land lines.

I’ve got a 4s and I’ve been torn between upgrading to the 5 or switching over to a Windows Phone, probably a Nokia Lumia. Anybody out there go from iOS to Windows Phone? Would love to hear from you.

I did… and it was a good experience.

The possitive: Windows is a lot quicker to navigate, and just check messages, etc, without having to drill down into the apps. The WP experience is a great alternative to iOS, and it doesn’t really take a lot (or steal) from it… it’s a fresh alternative. I personally love the Lumia 800 I choose, it’s a little more organic and feels good in my hand, not such an industrial coldly precise ID as the iPhone (my opinion). Nokia has some nice useful apps, not at all like the bloatware skins like carriers and manufacturers put on Android. And it has some nice integration with Windows 8, like contacts, SMS, etc. Skydrive and MS Office are also really handy

the negative: Whenever you hear of a cool new app, it’s usually only on iOS or Android… they come to WP last it seems and some never do. Some parts of the OS don’t make sense (but you could say that for all of them)… two examples are not being able to do screen grabs and not being able to take a business address you found on in maps to adding it as a contact. NFC doesn’t seem to be well integrated yet, some of the coolest stuff isn’t available. You still don’t have drag&drop access to music and files - you have to use Zune, which is nicer than itunes, but still a pain. The Keyboard is more tightly spaced than iOS too

I think you’d like it after a short adjustment period - took me about 2 weeks

The new update to Zune (now called Xbox Music) is supposed to be pretty hot as well… I use a mac for my work laptop (including mac mail, calendar, and address book, though of course it is all coming from a windows based webmail), and I wonder if the contacts will sync.

Is it Office 365? If so, it will sync like magic…

I am stuck with iphone,3G and It has stuck to a small crack… :wink:

I bet it will sync your contacts too…

For me, I am going with an Android phone next - probably a Sony Mobile.

I bought a Nexus 7 recently, like it, and want to to give the 3rd big mobile ecosystem a try

Just switched to a Nokia 822 running Windows Phone 8.

Great UI & touch response. Absolutely love the live tiles, it really does save time by allowing me to see certain things update on the fly so that I don’t have to dig deeper opening those apps. Less function & detail control than Android (I think they tried to balance between the Apple iOS’ simplicity and Android’s level of customization). Great specs for processor and battery, excellent screen resolution and clarity. Fit and finish is what I expected from Nokia (very good). My Droid phones had terrible fit and finish in comparison.

My few frustrations include the immaturity of Windows Phone OS and their marketplace. A few apps that I had on Android aren’t yet on WP and some that are require complicated transition of data (luckily, only 4 or 5 apps out of 30 or so that I use are giving me that transition grief).

I chose a Nokia over an HTC or Samsung Windows Phone because of the turn-by-turn directions (Nokia provides their GPS database to the likes of Yahoo & others and it is free on their Windows Phones). It rivals the excellent turn-by-turn experience Google’s Android phones offer.

I got the iPhone 4. Part because I hated my android phone and it syncs up nicely with the rest of my set-up. After Windows 8 phones I’d be open to switch :stuck_out_tongue:

currently lusting after the Experia Z… it’s very nice in person

I got a Samsung Galaxy SIII for Christmas, after having an iPhone 3GS.

I bought it to get away from iTunes. The ability to plug into a PC and get a Windows Explorer screen and drag-and-drop files is worth it.
The larger increase in screen size over the iPhone, with only a smaller increase in overall size is good, but I don’t think I could go bigger and keep it in my pocket.
Screen is better resolution, but is much harder to see in sunlight than the iPhone.
Interface is pretty good, most things I’ve been able to work out or is virtually identical to iPhone. Except for the music player, depending on how you open it, will turn off if you open up anything else.

The LTE speeds are unbelivable.

Picked up a 4s for 50 bucks at best buy. Really love it so far, and the 3G speed does well enough for me. I’m on wifi 95% of my day so that’s why I opted for the last years model. I’ll let the early adopters pay the premium. Like suckers that buy new cars instead of used.

Had this for 8 months. Love Windows Phone and the Lumia 800/900 language. Hope they stick with it instead of just change for change’s sake. My favorite part is the top and bottom. Only regret is size (want it smaller) and no wrapping glass.

I wanted the 920 but only AT&T gets it and we’re Verizon - so the 822 is their top model. Now that I’ve played with both, you might like the 822’s more rounded profile (reduces the size relative to the 920 more than I would have thought).

Nokia 2610, not bulls***ing you, cost me $15. Battery lasts for days and fits in my front pocket.

That 2610 still looks good. When did it first come out?

@Generate - I’m a huge fan of the extrusion form factor, so while the 822 is nice it still feels more generic to me. What I really want is a brand new Lumia 800, same size, wrapping glass, denser screen resolution.

I do love the extruded look of the 920 but only from a hold-it-and-look-at-it standpoint. In my pocket and against my face I like the softer, if more generic, form factor. Nothing seems to beat the narrow, flattened bar of soap look & feel.

On my second Nexus 4 (first one got jacked) and it’s been the best phone i’ve ever used. So happy with it.