What cell phone do you own?

I’m old school. I had my razr for 3 years until it died. Loved that phone.
I now have an LG shine. The texting is slower then I can type.
I don’t like the full out keyboards. I like being able to text by moving my one finger mm’s and not having to look at my phone.

I’m going to reserve final judgement until I try it, but some of the Windows 7 interfaces are looking quite interesting… though something about the san serif font still kind of bugs me, but the panoramic interface I like alot. All it seems to need is a sexy phone to run on, which I’m sure will come

I’d like to have variety when I get a new smartphones, instead of always considering just the iphone as the best - this might make that happen

I got it 4 years ago as a business phone. Hasn’t dropped a beat since the software was upgradet 3 Months
after purchase.

At its time it was one of the first Camera Phones, which are o so yesterday already. But It puts the functions
first that I need on a daily basis. The Camera and Flash are good. (Better than some todays models). It is a
nice phone and couples to my car without a problem.

What else could I want?

All the best

yours mo-i

P.S: Apple decided to restrict the I-phone to the worst provider we have in Germany.
The old bureaucrats of Telekom. Won’t move back to them ever.

Hey Moi - you could always buy one by itself and unlock it. I’ve run the numbers here and it winds up cheaper than the 24 month contracts

I hear you on having a good camera on the phone, IMHO even the iPhone is lacking… I’m really ready for the smart phone that can take a good sized quality photo, so I wouldn’t need to have a separate camera for imporant events

I am so fed up with my new Motorola Adventure and Verizon, that I could spit… . You may recall from a previous discussion, that three weeks after I purchased it the front of the damned thing broke while it was in my pocket ( I must have leaned against something).

After waiting for forty minutes at the Verizon Store, listening to, like, every sixteen year old girl, like whine, to like, her mom … that she, like, had to have the xxx phone … I learned that it is not even, like, eligible for repair because it was subjected to physical abuse, and because it was abused it’s warranty is therefore rendered void. As such, I have a phone on my hands that will, at some point, get moisture in it and fail. Not eligible for repair? WTF ?!?!

But Verizon happily invited to upgrade a new one … . . like that is going to happen. … . ever.

Back in the day, when your only phone was connected to the wall by a wire, you did not own the “instrument”. When you got your new apartment and arranged to have the phone “hooked up” the folks at the telephone company gave you the phone. It wasn’t free; there was a minimal charge for equipment rental on your bill every month. BUT, it was guaranteed to operate, or they would bring out you another one to your house. After all, what is a communications system if the “instrument” used to access it does not function.

I would gladly pay a few dollars every month for equipment rental knowing that if for any reason it failed to operate, or was broken, that I would still have a phone.

This global addiction to needing the latest and greatest every other month is a total crock of sh*t, but a masterpiece of marketing. I’m pretty much done with the need to stay in touch. Can you hear me now?

My $.01…

Nokia e71. Great keyboard. nice GPS function…comes with a nice little pouch and good ole Nokia usability.
Was my “I won’t get an IPhone” buy. Still feeling left out of the app world… but pretty happy with my phone.

The windows 7 mobile UI vids I’ve seen look pretty cool. Very clean. They’re touting a “No chromey” 3D look to anything. The hardware demonstrator looks to be pretty clean too. I just can’t see myself switching out of the apple + itunes ecosystem though. I’ve paid for enough music and TV through itunes to switch me and my fiance over to something else.

I have an iPhone 3Gs.

There was a piece on NPR last week about the Windows Phone 7 Series. Despite having an awful name it looks decent, but i’m sticking with Android. By the time they release the Phone 7, fall I think, it will probably be antiquated.

In the interview they asked about the terrible name and Microsoft’s marketing folks thought that customers identify with Windows 7 being a quality operating system so they thought the name Windows Phone 7 Series correlated with that feeling. I think that’s a complete marketing fail on several levels, but mostly because desktop/laptop OS customers are a different market segment than mobile device customers. So what are they saying, this is a phone for people that like and use Windows 7? Stupid.

I broke my first cell phone like LMO broke his. It was in my pocket, with the screen NOT against my leg. I was rushing through the wood shop and walked too closely to a table saw… crunch (bumped the table, not the saw!!!). That was 9 years ago and to this day I still make sure when my phone is in my pocket, the screen is against my thigh.

I have been on the 2 year upgrade cycle, always getting the bare minimum as I didn’t text much and my phone was just that, a phone. It always happened that the damn batteries charge starts to fall off after 18 months.

Interesting story: it was awesome when my razr started refusing to charge. It would appear full, but die after 4 hours. The phone was almost 2 years old. I took it into the verizon store, and the employee told me that the software had to be “upgraded” so that it would “allow” it to charge again. They plugged it in, boop-beep-bing and wallah, good as new. Clever clever. A built in software feature to make the phone not work after a certain time period maybe? I’m glad I wasn’t sold a new phone / battery. I asked if I could’ve upgraded the software OTA on my own (like the programming feature, *228 on verizon) and she said no, only they could do it in-store.

I currently have a moto droid (running a custom firmware). I support the idea of android and live in the google world anyway, so that the live syncing of email, contacts, calendars, picasa photos, etc. is really sweet. It’s a solid phone so far, but the main reason I decided to jump to a smart phone is I got sick of carrying around my phone, my ipod, my camera, my video camera when I needed it and needing a GPS for my car. And charging them all. And syncing, and managing memory and blah blah blah. I now have one device that does all this good enough.

WP7S (?) looks really cool, but it’s so far off, and it’s windows… :frowning:

I have like the oldest model of Nokia there is. I’ve always wanted a touch scree phone. What’s the best model out there? I’m eyeing the Samsung Corby. :slight_smile:

I recently took a look at the palm pre and palm pre +; I like the operating system/apps/etc., but I couldn’t stand how the product felt in my hand…it felt like a toy!

So, I finally got a decent phone phone from Verizon, the Nokia Shade. Doesn’t even have a camera, but pretty good design for free. Of course, the standardized corporate photo perspectives didn’t show off the main design highlight (continuous surface when open), so it was my design duty to take a picture of it myself. =)

Looks like there’s a camera in the second pic. Or do you have some cheapo carrier free model. Curious.


I got the cheapo model. It’s Verizon, but no camera and no extra faceplates (default comes w/ a few extra colors you can swap w/ the black).

Own a k790a from Sony Ericsson, will upgrade to their T700 in the future.Owned in the past the POS Motocrapper ROKR.


I honestly have not owned a cellphone in more than a Year now,
no I am not im 22 years old :stuck_out_tongue:
and im loving every moment of it, though im pretty far from the city in a village ( ISD,India)
reason_ I cannot have distractions, as I have a VERY short attention span, you should try it, from my parents to my friends everyone thinks im going to be the next “into the wild” or something…

but the day I come across the old MOTOROLA rotational slider or AURA(I wish) for a good bargain I dont ill think twice. :stuck_out_tongue:
just trying to stand out or love? i dont know.

Any suggestions for a quad-band, good-looking, inexpensive smartphone with aGPS (which also works without network) that fits in trouser pockets?

BTW, there’s an ICON on mobile phones.

As a designer I’m supposed to say I have an iPhone, but I have a Droid 3rd Gen Global (will be 2 yrs old [ie, dinosaur in March of 2013] on Verizon. The global features have been helpful when traveling and it WAS super quick when new, but I swear Google is either accelerating their refinements on 4.1 (ice cream sundae or what not) and leaving us 2.3ers in the dust or Android is falling apart because my phone has begun freezing and rebooting on occasion for no reason. I suppose because its nearly 2 yrs old it SHOULD be acting weird to further support the marketing of 2 year contracts. Oh well.

I intend to move to a Windows 8 phone at the next 2 yr. upgrade - I’m interested to see how well they integrate data between Windows 8 PCs, tablets and phones.

Also - smartphones have added an entire category that hadn’t been considered before they came along - useful 2nd life. My kids each have 1st gen Droids (old ones we didn’t need after endless 2 yr upgrades) and they are as operative as an iPod (everything but calling). They still download apps & games on them, text on them, watch netflix on them and the only $$ they’ve ever required was a new battery for each (only $6 on eBay).

I second that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4UdrEPJHnE
I might buy out my current contract, get a Nokia Lumia 800 for £13.5/month and upgrade to Windows 8 for £25.

I have the Lumia 800 plus Windows 8 Beta on my tablet. It’s neat how it works together… a lot of the contacts, office files, and skydrive content is shared pretty seamlessly. It makes the tablet like a big phone almost. It’s the beta, so some parts are disabled, but looking forward to upgrading.

PS I love the Lumia 800 hardware and Windows OS, some of the nicest stuff out there imho